Red and Every Shade In Between: Valentine’s Day Inspired Colors for Your Homes

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

The love month is here and homemakers probably cannot help themselves but inject some romance and flair inside their homes by adding a few Valentine’s Day inspired decor indoors. This may not go as far rose petals to step at as you enter the main door but can be in the form of a cuddly bear with a nice fluffy heart as your center piece in the living room or a bloody red side table lamp for the bedroom. However you want to decorate ala-Valentino this month, red or a shade falling into this dramatic color is definitely certain.

Here are some Valentine inspired decorating ideas you can impress your love one’s with this special day of the heart.

Red Pillowcases

Whether you’re going to use it on the living area or is it completing your romantic setup behind your bedroom door, red pillowcases offers a striking and vibrant addition to areas in your home that are commonly used. It encourages engagement among people, thus perfectly suited for places where most people stay, like the living room. Go for variations with different shades of red for the trimmings and cases of your pillows to offer versatility. You can also add sequined pillowcases for more texture.

Photo Credit: Just Another Day in Paradise via Pinterest

Red Towels

The bathroom is also one of the most commonly used areas inside your homes. Celebrate the love month or just make it a little bit more obvious inside your home with red towels inside your bathroom. It also adds an appealing and perky color that will make mornings a little bit past-faced with the vibrant aura it offers. It will match well with white tiled bathrooms as well, a common thing most household bathrooms have in common.

A Red Entryway

You can actually pull off this stunt all year round but February, the love month seems to be a nice date to start having a red door for your entry way. It’s stunning, unique, eye-catching and a simple and affordable way to update the look of your frontage.

Red Curtains

We are not talking bloody red here, but if you can go as far as that when it comes to home design, you could actually go for it. A lighter shade is advisable to keep the warm and relaxing look for your windows and living areas though. You can either have red in pastel shades, light pink or just a little tint of red for your window blinds or curtains.

There are a lot more Valentine’s Day related ideas you can have for your homes this February, with or without the touch of red. But admit it, red is definitely the standout and most significant color for this month of love even in home design.