Things You Should Consider in a Garden Shed

If you are like most homeowners, you understand that there is no such thing as “adequate storage space.” After all, there is a limit to the things you can stash away in your basement and garage. If you find yourself always looking for a place to stockpile your extra stuff, then you might as well include garden shed as a part of your home improvement project.

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Garden sheds make a lasting investment for every home. Garden sheds, in general, are a haven for gardeners because they keep shovels, rakes, and other gardening tools out of the weather. But, this storage space may also serve a combination of other purposes, including protecting seasonal decorations, keeping unused furniture, holding hobby equipment, and keeping rarely used items that won’t fit the garage. Garden sheds, indeed, are the perfect solution for every household’s storage problems.

When it comes to building a garden shed, it’s either you buy a kit and settle for the manufacturer’s choice of materials and design, or you can develop your own layout and build the structure yourself. The latter approach may be more expensive and time-consuming. The advantage, however, is that you can build the shed according to your needs and personal taste.


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Before buying a shed, be sure to consider the following factors:

  • Quality of Materials

First of all, check the quality of the materials. As much as possible, avoid wooden garden sheds because they are prone to rotting and are susceptible to bugs. In many cases, a metal shed is a better choice because it does not rot and cannot be penetrated by bugs. Galvanized steel is highly recommended because it’s durable and can protect against rust for a good number of years.

  • Size

When deciding on a garden shed for your home, make sure that it is large enough to accommodate an arsenal of outdoor tools, heavy equipment, and large furniture. What you really need is a big space – one that provides an organized room for all the things that need to be stored.

  • Security Features

Security is yet another important consideration when buying a shed. Make sure that your garden shed comes with a latch that can be easily secured and locked. This will not only ensure the safety of what’s inside, but will also prevent you from having to ruin the integrity of the shed by installing your own locking or security system.

  • Type of Door

When purchasing a shed, it’s also important to consider the type of door the shed is built with. The three most common types of door available in the market are: vertical roller shutters, sliding doors, and standard hinged doors. For safety, security, and function, the best option is the sliding door. Sliding doors are simple to maneuver; hence, it is easy to move items in and out of the shed. They are also very reliable because they’re difficult for thieves to pry open.

A garden shed can make any home look tidy, organized, and spacious. But, most importantly, with the right kind of garden shed, storing things become easier for homeowners.


Organizing Garden Sheds the Easy Way

As time goes by, a household usually accrue so many things from thingamabobs to important memorabilia. However, not all these things can be accommodated by the home. With that said, garden sheds are the best solution for this concern. These can house the overflow of items that can no longer be stored by the home. Once the garden shed is strategically organized, one will be surprised at its storage capacity.


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If you still do not have a garden shed at home, make sure to get just the right size that you need. Purchase directly from manufacturers and opt for sheds that you can install on your own, these tips can help you save money when purchasing your own garden shed.

Here are some tips and strategies in organizing garden sheds:

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  1. Opt to get rid or donate old and unused items in the garden shed. Choosing the items for donation or discarding can be based on the one year rule. If you have not used it for a year, then it is time to bid farewell to the item. Getting rid of these items will give you more space to utilize.
  2. Choose strong and sturdy shelves when it comes to garden supply storage. These include planters, handy gardening tools as well as solar light. Building your own shelves can also be an option. There are also plastic shelves available in hardware stores that can be used to store other items.
  3. Install metal hooks or nails on the walls of the shed, this can be used to hang tools as well as other appliances. Hanging items like rakes and shovels is ideal since it increases the walking space in the shed; it also decreases the risk of injury.
  4. Select plastic storage totes or boxes to store items like soil and seed. It is ideal to purchase these storage totes and boxes in the same size so these are easily stacked together. It is recommended to label the totes so one can determine the contents without having to look inside the storage tote or box.

Consider these tips when organizing garden sheds.

Early 2016 Home Decorating Predictions

The year 2015 is about to conclude and welcome 2016. With only a few days left towards the New Year ahead, a lot of home decorating styles are already being considered by many to welcome the 2016 in place. A lot might be an upgrade of what 2015 has been but there are new good decoration ideas that will make 2016 the best year in home and decorating.

Are you worried about splurging your budget so early this 2016? Relax and take a breather because some of the design trends from 2015 will crossover the New year with just a little upgrade or no additional changes at all.

Here is some of the 2016 home decorating hits that everyone has started eyeing on

Shades of Pink, Red “Meat,” or Peach

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New colors are up and coming and started to look more vibrant. Shades of pink, red “meat,” or peach are the predicted to be the new trends that will make interior home designs in the groove for the year 2016. Edgy styles associated with the aforementioned colors are also in. Blue hues will continue to be part of what’s in for 2016 as well as metallic colors like gold, platinum, bronze and silver.

Minimalistic Usage of Space

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Clutter be gone is what 2016 upholds. Home trends are into being minimalist and less usage of space to provide neater look and widen what was left for the home area.  With millenials busy with their careers and lives, it would be practical and more easier to maintain a home free of clutter and with just enough of the basic furniture, equipped with function and style.

Desk Usage

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Millennials are also being recognized in the current era. In the verge of work load and technology, desks are now back in the pipeline to create emphasis on its usage as part of the home and people who work at home. Designs and other decorations for desk are all encouraged to set the theme of workspace at home. Desk designs can range from the old classic 60’s look with burst of colors and texture or the modern looking desk in metallic shades and smart storage spaces.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Materials

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Save the environment and if possible, recycle. Eco-friendly and sustainable materials are the future. In 2016, these will boost more and set to create more demand; also to support movements in accordance with climate change. Outdoor awnings made of materials like wood would become a favorite among home owners and interior designers.

Fabric Wall Art

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Artisans are coming back this 2016. Fabric wall art is set to create a cozy feel as home decorations. Whether it will be patterns of floral, stripes, and other shapes, or just plain colors – fabric wall art is adjustable to what theme your home has this New Year.  Bold flower prints and designs, both in small and large sizes will come back as part of the trend. Lines and prints will also be a primary choice when it comes to home décor and accessories.

The year 2016 is a great year for the home decorating and the interior design industry. Prep your homes and be ready to incorporate new styles and trends that will not only make your homes look different but will also transform it to becoming the best home you could ever have for the coming year.

Top Home Decorating Trends We’ve Seen This 2015

The year 2015 was a very stunning and creative year for the home design and interior decorating market. From the modern to the traditional to the contemporary look, home design has managed to incorporate security, function and comfort without having to compromise style in this year’s home decorating trends. In accordance, what trended in 2015 can still possibly continue in the New Year to come – especially in the home interior side. 2015 designs are the benchmark for 2016 interior trends with a touch of some renovations, innovations, and other creative executions.

To get a glimpse of what homes looked like this 2015, here are some of the home decorations that trended:

The Greek Blue Color

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This color reminded everyone the Mediterranean period and churches in Santorini. The Greek blue color provided a fresh, neat, and classy look in homes this year. A very minimal decorations but created a larger contrast of how the house look like. Blue has always been associated with the calming effects that it brings plus the regal look that incorporates in the walls and furnishings that it covers. The interior design industry will still welcome blue hues in home design this coming 2016. Cheap vertical blinds in hues of blue will look classy and perfect for any home.

The 60s

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History repeats itself. This 2015, the era of the 60s was back with a little innovation and a modern feel. From color trends to furniture and fixtures, 60s has remained classy and luxurious. Floral prints in big and small sizes are also expected to return and will be seen in most homes as the year ends overlapping to the year 2016.

Patterns and Prints

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In fashion, patterns and prints also trended and thus worked also in home decorating ideas. From pillow cases, curtains, blankets to the smallest coasters and placemats, patterns and prints have been utilized. These designs gave a creative and jazzy feel at home when playfully implemented – can be colorful, neutral and at breeze. Exotic designs and intricate lines are also a favorite option when it comes to patterns and prints this year.

Sculptural Candles

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Candles can still make it big this time around. With various shapes, designs and sizes, candles can make a center table be theme-ready for any season at home. Scented is also part of the deal that made this home piece a hit this 2015. Candles are also favorite accessories inside bedrooms and bathrooms, thus the need of infusing relaxing scents into them. This trend is expected to still be in demand up to the year 2016.


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This color also went by with patterns and prints, but majority of the time served as plain and in combination of other home accessories. Pastels gave the light feel for the home; it created a light and soothing accent to home pieces that made the area more relaxing, simple and neat. Colors like pink and lavender are also set to dominate interior decorating trends in the upcoming New Year.

My Most Fave Home Bloggers Part 2

There are tons of home decorating blogs out there but only a few manage to stand out. Hopefully, mine will in the near future. As for now, I try my best to write as much helpful information and interesting stories I can share in terms of my home decorating adventures at home. However, it helps to get inspiration from the seasoned home decorating bloggers on the web.

Here are a few of my favorite home decorating blogs online.

a pop of pretty

A Pop of Pretty is a light-hearted and cool blog you can browse for simple yet beautiful home decorating tips and advice. Kerri is the blogger behind this wonderful website and it is the place to be for tips, tutorials, and inspiration to style your home.

As a child, Kerri was fond of decorating her Barbie house. She later on decided to create a blog out of whip, during her maternal leave with her twins. She got tired being in business school and working in an ad agency fulfilling a marketing career. A blog was definitely the creative outlet she was looking for. With decorating on her blog, it was very easy for her to share on hand experiences and gathered information and ideas on how to decorate one’s home. As a mother myself, it is nice to hear personal stories from a mom like myself. If you are up for French designed homes, this is the best place to be.

material girls

The Material Girls Blog is another interesting site to visit under the home decorating theme. The blog is being run by several writers from different places such as Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York and several other places where its contributors are located.

Tips and advice from real designers when it comes to the newest and most interesting design trends all over America is what you get to enjoy via this blog. Sprinkled with a touch of pop culture, this blog is the best source for modern design inspirations that are also great on the budget. Big deals from these different cities are often featured in the blog making it a haven for home shoppers who are looking forward to deals and discounts on their dream items for their homes. A daily dose of blogging inspiration and ideas can be enjoyed through the pages of this blog.

If you are looking for a balance between being a mom, a wife, home making and fitness, the House of Rose Blog is the best blog for you. Go over her Home Tour and you will definitely fall in love with her place, Mandy Rose, the brain child behind the blog shares her story about her life and how she manages to create equilibrium in her career and her duties as a mom and as a wife.

“I want to show you how to love the life you’re already living”, this is what Mandy wants her reader to enjoy throughout the pages of her blog. She doesn’t believe in a perfect home, being with the family you love is her perfect definition of what perfect is. Her main aim is to create a place where her family can be and feel at their best, at all times. Thus improving and making her home a place to embrace her family has always been her advocacy in life. Love the life that you are already living. This is what you’ll get and more via this blog.

a beautiful mess

A Beautiful Mess is indeed what you will get to enjoy via Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman’s website. Creating happiness at home is what this website is for and you will definitely get a good dose of it via their pages.

Readers will also get to enjoy recipes, crafts and a lot of home décor projects that may suit your needs and cravings at home. Several books have already branched out via this website which includes A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book and A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home. DIY projects are also common articles included in the website so you will have a lot of ideas to try while reading though their pages. The website is also made of a group of dedicated individuals, each working on a specific duty of their own. You can enjoy new articles daily because the team has several contributors under their belt.

Hopefully you’ll get to learn a couple of things or even more through these wonderful home decorating blogs that I love to read.

Here’s Some of My Most Favorite Home Bloggers

We all want a beautiful home and believe me, I am really striving really hard to provide my family with something close to that. Having a dream house is not on my list. Having a home where my husbands and kids would love to go home to every end of the day is what I want the most. This is the same thing that I saw with the ladies behind the beautiful and inspiring home decorating blogs that I have bumped into online. From homemakers to moms and to full time bloggers, these ladies definitely took the plunge and swam with might to achieve the dream home that they now enjoy together with their family.

Here is a look into these lovely blogs you should find time to visit.

decorating diva

The Decorating Diva is indeed the Diva when it comes to home decorating ideas that are stylish and grand. The lady behind the blog is no other than design insider and interior editor Carmen Natschke, an authority when it comes to sleek, beautiful and stylish interior design.

Her blog is basically a collection of home décor photos and style inspirations that are above the average. If you are into modern and traditionally designed homes with a touch of class and majesty, this blog is definitely worth browsing. Dreamlike homes with massive bedrooms, high ceilings, intricate chandeliers, delicately designed accessories and regally colored dwelling areas are what you get to enjoy inside her blog. Every piece of home decorating is touched by her own unique personal style that is definitely world class. You can definitely get a lot of inspiration when it comes to styles and trends via this blog.

decor chick

The Décor Chick, on the other hand, will take your breath away with her unique, budget-friendl,y and cool home décor and DIY design ideas via her blog.  She never expected her blog to be as big as it is now but thanks to the encouragement that she got from her husband and massive skills in writing, her blog is one of the top decorating blogs in the internet nowadays.

Emily launched her blog back in 2010, and according to her, “It was really a leap of faith, with a little nudge from God and my husband to start it.” She considers the success of her blog a true blessing. She loves home decorating and interior design and was hooked with magazines and shows featuring old ugly furniture into superb looking ones. With a knack for thrift stores and yard sales, one will definitely get a lot of deals and ideas on where to buy cool stuffs for your home even on a tight budget. She also loves transforming things into beautiful objects, a talent that she is really good at. I really feel empowered that I can do great and create beautiful things thanks to the inspiration that her blog radiates.

nesting place

The Nester is another favorite blog of mine. Myquilyn, the brain behind this wonderful blog, admits that she dropped out from a design school but has managed to take a week-long course, making her a certified home stager and redesigner. She definitely has the skills and experience and has already successfully designed several homes. Her husband is an entrepreneur so her family has the luxury of being together most of the time.

What I love about the blog is that you get to see a lot of aspects when it comes to home living. Myquilyn has moved into several homes, apartments and condos, so she definitely has a lot of insights to share on a specific type of home a reader has. What I love about her is that she makes wise decisions about furniture and other accessories for the home. She gives you a rather more realistic idea on which items are worth the splurge and which are not for your homes.

Whether you enjoy shopping on a budget for home décor, doing DIY home décor projects by yourself or a smart shopper, you will definitely enjoy browsing through the web pages of these lovely ladies.