Moving In Made Easy: Tips When Moving in A New Home

Child Care Center Moving Day. Photo credit: Gawler History via Flickr

Moving is expensive, and there is no question about it. Whether it’s to a different state or just to the next block you are moving, the transition can really take a toll on your finances. However, a lot of people are not prepared for the costs that come with moving. This is the reason that for many homeowners, moving is the one of the major causes for them being drowned in debt. If you are considering to move soon, here are crucial things you need to keep in mind to make sure the entire experience won’t hurt your wallet.

Prepare a Moving Budget

Many people who move don’t feel like they need to create a budget for the occasion. This often leads to more expenses in the long run. The reason is that small things such as buying a new set of dishes, or a new shower curtain can all add up, and if you don’t have a budget considering those things, you will wonder later on where all your money has gone. On the contrary, you will be more aware of what you are going to spend on and be more prepare if you have a budget set.

Removalist. Photo credit: Sunset Removals via Flickr

If you’re hiring a moving company:

– Moving company fee
– Professional packing
– Additional Insurance
– Extra charges

If you’re hiring a moving truck:

– Truck rental
– Gas expense
– Equipment rental
– Incidentals
– Insurance

If you’re moving on your own:
– Transportation cost
– Lodging expense
– Meals
– Pet care

Decide Whether Or Not to Hire a Moving Company

Should you hire a moving company or just do it yourself? The answer depends on two simple factors: how much you are going to move and how far you are moving.

How much stuff are you going to move?

Are you going to move an apartment or a 4-bedroom house? If you’re moving an apartment, that only requires moving a few stuff, which means a 10’ moving truck might be enough. If you’re moving only a few things and you have your own truck, perhaps you can just solicit help from friends and relatives.

How far are you moving?

How far you are moving will also determine whether you will need to hire a removalist or not. Obviously, the further you will move, the more expensive the move will be. Call several moving companies and find out which one can offer you the lowest price. Compare that price to how much money you are going to spend if you decide to move yourself.

Go Minimalist

If you are not a minimalist yet, moving to a new home is the right opportunity for you to be one. There is nothing more that can save you money when moving than going minimalist. Minimalism is the philosophy of eliminating what is unnecessary to make more room for what is more essential. It doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of all your stuff and living in your new home with nothing, but one set of clothing, a laptop, and a luggage, although you can also do that. Instead of moving every stuff you have from your old home, consider moving only with what you believe you cannot live without. Also try considering selling up most of your stuff on a garage sale. It won’t only save you money, but will even gain you some that you can use for your move.