Home Improvements Projects Under $100

Improving your homes does not necessarily mean that you will have to apply for a loan or to cash out big from your projects. Although some individuals would spend thousands of dollars to improve the look of their home, others are smart-savvy enough to discover ways in improving the look and function of their homes without spending too much.

Three of the key areas that will truly change the look of your home include the entrance, the kitchen and the bathroom. Just doing a few changes in these areas will make a huge difference in your home. However, is it possible to bring a whole new look to these areas for less than $100? Here are some ideas you can try.


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First impressions can really make a lot of difference in our homes.  This is why the entrance is considered as one of the best places to start when you aim to create a new look for your homes. To spice up the look of your entrance, you can actually do several things without going over $100.

If you have a spacious porch, having potted plants in a metal planter can create an impressive look in your entrance. You can also consider having colorful potted flowering plants on your front porch. Save more by buying seedlings rather than full grown plants. It wouldn’t cost you as much as $50 to achieve such.

Another creative thing you can do for your front entrance is painting your front door with a bright color. A gallon of exterior/interior glossy paint will cost you no more than $20.


When you look in your kitchen, what catches your eye first? Probably all those nifty cabinets that discreetly tuck away your dishes, right? After a number of years, you might crave a different look. For starters, you might want to give them a good cleaning. This one step alone can make a difference. You would be surprised the amount of dust and grease that can accumulate on cabinets. Depending on the material that your cabinets are made of, simply removing the cabinets from their hinges and wiping them down with the damp cloth is sufficient. There are chemicals on the market, but you need to make sure that the chemicals are made for your cabinet material.

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Once your cabinets are shining again, you can then add or replace knobs. Knobs range from simple unfinished versions that cost as little as $.50 to decorative insert pulls that costs around $3. With the average kitchen containing about 12 cabinets, your cost won’t go over $36.

A few roller blinds Perth installed in your kitchen window can also make a difference.


Guest bathrooms are usually confined to a small space. Why not give this room a lift? Adding up a few accessories in your bathrooms can do the trick. You can have scented candles as starters which will cost you less than $30 or you might have several ones already available at home. You can change the wall paper of your bathroom was, add some art work or color. Stickers are considered as cheap and easy to do decorative items you can include in your bathroom redesign.

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Consider adding a few colorful fabrics inside to add color to your bathrooms. Another great trick would be placing accessories that can function as storage as well like novelty boxes, cute canisters or colorful plastic containers.

Latest Innovations on Window Blinds Today

Nowadays, windows are not just ordinary openings in your walls. They have managed to evolve through the years and have become one of the vital and innovative features in our homes. Windows these days also play an important role in keeping your energy and electrical costs in check.

Here are some of the latest innovations you could consider for your windows at home.

  1. Advanced motorized window treatments


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Honeycomb blinds designs in the market have already evolved throughout the years. They can now be operated with a simple click of a button. Unlike before, these days you you don’t necessarily have to hire an electrician or construction contractor to retrofit your windows to allow them to become motorized. There are now several new technologies available for window motorization, including battery-powered motors as well as super-silent functionality that can be easily installed onto your existing windows.

Many motorized treatments are now creating smart homes as they can be integrated with your home’s security systems as well. Some motorized window treatments can even be operated straight from your phone or tablet. Some apps are especially created for phones that have capabilities of sending you a text message in case they are suddenly raised or lowered. That’s an additional security feature you can add into your home.

  1. Child-friendly window blinds

Children and pets are delicate members of your household. Dangling cords present in your window blinds can be a dangerous feature and possible risk for your children and pets’ safety at home. Child and pet-proof window treatments are now the current standard for window coverings and not just an upgrade option. New designs featured for window treatments now come in clean lines and have managed to entirely shy away from cords, offering a chic design with a child and pet-safe option.


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Cord-free designs are becoming a more reliable option for window treatments. The earlier versions of the cord-free blinds are often left stuck and may require moderate and extensive repair. Better functionality has evolved throughout the years, providing improved safety and less hassle. Other child-friendly options include motorized shades, shutters, curtains and roller shades.

  1. Energy-efficient exterior shades

Layered window treatments have also managed to dominate the window covering market nowadays. Aside from the exceptional design that it offers, the advanced energy-efficiency it provides is also a big come-on for many homemakers and property owners. Exterior shading solutions are now being built in into window treatments for that extra functionality.

Outside shutters and blinds protect your homes from having to endure the harmful rays of the sun during summer. These also help in keeping the heat from escaping your home during cooler weather and at night. These solutions aid in decreasing energy bills that you consume at home.

  1. Multi-layered window treatment options

Privacy, insulation, and improved efficiency are now featured in window treatments. While some simply offer privacy onto your property, some treatment options go another step further by offering special light-blocking abilities. Some window treatments are lined with specialized materials that have capabilities of blocking dangerous UV rays that may pose a threat to the members of your household, as well as in damaging your interior paints and furnishings at home. Energy-efficient exterior shades can offer up to 25% savings in your electrical bills when properly used.

Adapting these energy-efficient solutions into your homes will bring a lot of difference not only for your monthly savings but also in making your home a pleasurable place for the whole family.

Get the Look: A Fun and Colorful Family Home

Having a home that looks and feels inviting beckons not only guests but also as well as your family. When your homes are well decorated and provide an appealing vibe to your family, you can expect to see most of your family members staying at home and inviting friends to come over. This makes your home an enjoyable and memorable place as well.

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Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens via Pinterest

Here are some tips that you can apply to your homes to keep your love ones and even guest from leaving your homes.

Let the front door be as inviting as possible

Do not underestimate the power of curb appeal. A well-decorated home façade can be very inviting even in pictures. A bright welcome mat, a vibrant splash of paint for your door and a cheerful wreath can do the work. You can also make your home number unique from the ones available on your street to be able to set apart your home from the rest. Plants are another good addition to make your entryways appealing.


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Decorate your windows

Refreshing windows are windows that allow the fresh air and the sunshine is a plus for any home. Decorating your homes with window treatments such as 3 day blinds from Blinds Online can add more appeal to your homes. The efficiency that well decorated and devised windows offers are also both very useful especially during the summer or during the cold months.

Use color for design tricks

A guest’s first view of your space often includes a detailed attention that goes as far as the accessories that you have in the farthest area of your home. A painting in the wall or a bold accent color can easily capture their attention. This will literally pull people into your homes creating a feeling that they desire to stay in your homes longer to explore and enjoy its comforts.

Arrange your furniture in a way that allows movement

Guests do not normally feel comfortable if the space that they are in hard to understand. Make movement smooth and accessible by placing your furniture and home accessories in a more coherent layout. Avoid too many obstacles that make it hard from moving one place to another.


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Use soft textiles

Use soft textiles in your pillowcases especially in the living area. It would also be advisable to have smooth and relaxing textile as your sofa, beds and bedding. This promotes comfort and relaxation and invites the family members to snuggle and simply enjoy the ease and relaxation your home offers.

Most often than not, the color and fun that a home can bring depends on the personality of the people inside. Let your positive personality flow into your furnishings and your home as a whole with these design tips.

Organizing Garden Sheds the Easy Way

As time goes by, a household usually accrue so many things from thingamabobs to important memorabilia. However, not all these things can be accommodated by the home. With that said, garden sheds are the best solution for this concern. These can house the overflow of items that can no longer be stored by the home. Once the garden shed is strategically organized, one will be surprised at its storage capacity.


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If you still do not have a garden shed at home, make sure to get just the right size that you need. Purchase directly from manufacturers and opt for sheds that you can install on your own, these tips can help you save money when purchasing your own garden shed.

Here are some tips and strategies in organizing garden sheds:

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  1. Opt to get rid or donate old and unused items in the garden shed. Choosing the items for donation or discarding can be based on the one year rule. If you have not used it for a year, then it is time to bid farewell to the item. Getting rid of these items will give you more space to utilize.
  2. Choose strong and sturdy shelves when it comes to garden supply storage. These include planters, handy gardening tools as well as solar light. Building your own shelves can also be an option. There are also plastic shelves available in hardware stores that can be used to store other items.
  3. Install metal hooks or nails on the walls of the shed, this can be used to hang tools as well as other appliances. Hanging items like rakes and shovels is ideal since it increases the walking space in the shed; it also decreases the risk of injury.
  4. Select plastic storage totes or boxes to store items like soil and seed. It is ideal to purchase these storage totes and boxes in the same size so these are easily stacked together. It is recommended to label the totes so one can determine the contents without having to look inside the storage tote or box.

Consider these tips when organizing garden sheds.

Common Mistakes in Home Maintenance You Should Avoid

Owning a home requires home maintenance as an imperative activity you should constantly do from time to time. However, most homeowners would only find to do so when appliances and major systems in the home start to malfunction. Some do not see the importance of preventive maintenance and how it helps in keeping the value of your homes high.

Learn from the common mistakes that others commit when it comes to home maintenance in this post.

Skipping annual HVAC Inspections

It is important to schedule air conditioning maintenance every year. Skipping the, may bring you bigger costs and major repairs in the future. If your cooling and heating systems are not functioning properly, you might already be paying too much on your heating and cooling bills due to possible leaks and failure your HVAC systems already have.

DIY Plumbing Projects

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It really does feel good resolve a major plumbing issue on your own. However, major plumbing issues should be dealt with a professional to prevent unexpected mishaps along the way. When it comes to plumbing projects, a wrong cut or improper installation might result to property damage and flooding. It is best to hire a professional plumber to do major projects to ensure that the problem is resolved right at the first time.

Skipping vents, ducts and filters

The vents, ducts and filters may seem to be the last portion in your spring cleaning list due to the level of difficulty it may offer, but paying attention to these areas is very important. Cleating these areas from dust, molds and other foreign particles ensures that these areas are still functioning properly. You extend the life of your HVAC system by doing so. Air circulating in your home is most likely cleaner with these areas properly maintained. Even your cheap blinds from Blinds Online Australia needs to be taken cared of once in a while.

Hiring your neighbor down the street

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Although your neighbor might have occasionally helped you unclog a drain or install your new faucet, big projects require a professional. Not hiring a professional puts yourself, your neighbor and your home at risk. Avoid cutting corners by getting s self-proclaimed DIY expert and hire a licensed expert to ensure that what your home is getting is indeed professional work.

Skipping service for smoke detectors


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Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are life savers. It is very important to check that your detectors are in top shape and their batteries working. Newer models may alert you if your batteries are starting to drain, however, older ones should be checked manually. Ensuring that these security features are working properly will prevent any possible injury or property damage when unexpected accidents and disaster strikes.

Staying vigilant and updated with the working condition of your systems at home saves you time, money and a whole lot of worries. Knowing that everything is in order makes your time at home more relaxing and stress free as well.


Moving In to A New House: Decorating Tips to Remember

Some people are lucky enough to stay in the same home for generations. Others on the other hand are courageous enough to take a leap and invest in a home of their own. When it is time to move away from your ancestral homes, there are some things you should primarily consider.

Moving to a new house can be pretty exciting. For some, this is a start of a new life. And since this is your brand new home, it is a must that you know how to decorate it in a way that you would want to go home right after work. So, what are our best tips? Read on for more.

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Consider the Space

Before you decide which furniture, curtains or whatnots you are going to buy, you have to consider the space. Are you going to move in to a big house, or something which is considered small? If the former, then by all means, get massive chairs and beds for your rooms. Splurge on those bulky items. But if the latter, then look for something which can save space and will allow your rooms to breathe. Revisit your new place before moving in and measure it. This is so you can already prepare the furniture perfect for your new home and you won’t have to return it if it doesn’t fit.


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Pattern it with Your Character

When you are choosing the theme of your house, make sure it reflects yourself. So if you are a minimalist, then opt for the black and white. Or if you love nature, then shower your house with plants. But if you are quite feminine, then shabby chic might do better for you. It’s very easy to create a final design even without a professional help. After all, you can find great tips over the internet.

Get Easy to Clean Furniture

We know it can be fun to clean, but most of the time, it can get pretty exhausting. So what’s the best plan? Make sure that your furniture are low – maintenance. You wouldn’t want to eat up an entire day just brushing your carpets and curtains. Would you? Look for easy to clean materials and you will do just fine.

So there you have it. Some easy tips on how you can decorate your own homes. Share us some photos once you are done with it.

Common Misconceptions with Window Shutters

One of the most commonly misunderstood window coverings in the decorating industry are window shutters. They are seen as unconventional, impractical, expensive, hard to maintain and a second rate when it comes to aesthetics for windows. This is why there are only a few people who favor installing them in their homes.

There are still a lot of people who would opt not to buy window shutters for their homes thinking that it is not beneficial to them. They think it is just a waste of money and that it’s not going to do any help to their houses. But we beg to differ as we know few advantages of getting one. In this post, we’ll share with you some of the misconceptions about window shutters.

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They Are Only for Aesthetic Purposes

No. Window shutters are not just there to beautify your homes. But of course, having one installed can give your house that improved look. However, you need to know that having shutters can help you in regulating the light, air and temperature that goes into your home. In addition, it gives you protection as well. Since shutters are made from a solid material, it helps in blocking objects from breaking your windows.

Limited Options

Some people believe that getting the perfect window shutters is hard. They think the options are limited and that having one will just ‘destroy’ the entire look of their house. With the variety of options today, that’s a fallacy. There are different designs to choose from and you can even have one which is custom – made. At least your shutters will be cohesive with your home’s design or theme. It’s easier to decide and choose!

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Hard to Control

Quite the contrary, window shutters are easy to operate. With just few twists, you’d be able to control it. It will all depend on how wide or narrow you would like it to be. I due time, I wouldn’t be surprised to see automated window shutters.

Hard to Maintain

With just a damp cloth, you can easily clean your shutters. But bear in mind to get from a supplier that offers warranty to get the best value out of it. Soap and water on a damp cloth every other day will keep dust from accumulating and damaging the paint your shutters have.

So what’s stopping you from getting window shutters? It’s beautiful, economical and it is a great investment for your home.

Spring Cleaning Tips: Commonly Neglected Areas in the House

Are you ready for spring cleaning? I’m sure you are excited and would like to gloss your things around the house, but there are some people who might neglect small areas. And that’s where we are going to help you. Allow us to identify the most commonly neglected areas in your house so for the next spring cleaning, your abode will be spotless – for real.

Window Blinds

You have to take your time cleaning window blinds. There is no specific way on how to clean window blinds as it will depend on the type you have. But here are some basic tips. You can use a rubber sponge so you can remove the dust from fabric and vinyl blinds. All you have to do is simply wipe it across. Also, for spot cleaning, you can use an all – purpose cleaner. But make sure you spray it in your cloth and not directly to your blinds.

Medicine Cabinets

It is necessary that you clean your medicine cabinets. Check the expiration and do not just dispose it like your regular trash. Never flush it in your toilet because it might contaminate ground water. What we suggest is that you put it in one container and bring it to a drugstore or to a place where they could properly dispose medicines.

Make-up and Beauty Products

Beauty products and make-up have expiry dates as well. It is very important to make sure to throw away make-up that has been lying around for several months even if they are barely used. It would be wise to write a note for purchase dates onto the side of your products especially the ones that you seldom used. This is why it is important to keep the number of your beauty products as per need basis to avoid having so many stuff that are neither barely used or not used at all.

Garbage Bins

It isn’t enough that you empty your trash bins. After clearing it up, make sure that you wash your cans with soap and water in order to remove the odor. Don’t use it unless fully dry so it wouldn’t have molds.

Get your hands ready. Ask your kids to help you with your spring cleaning. It’s an activity everyone would enjoy. Plus, who knows if you can get things which are good for a garage sale? At least you would be able to get some cash.

Here is a inforgraphic on how to keep your homes clean all year round.


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7 Signs You Should Invest in Window Blinds

Some do not really pay too much attention with dressing up their windows at home. Some even see window blinds as impractical investments. However, this is all untrue. Taking time to change the look of your windows with window treatments may bring a whole new light to your homes.

Still having second thoughts if you need to buy window blinds? Well, this article might help you with your decision to purchase. You see, window blinds have a number of benefits, and I’ll give you 7 signs if you have to contact your supplier right now to invest in some.

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Photo Credit: Home Bunch via Pinterest

You Want to Control Natural Light

Do you want to stay longer in bed but the sunlight that passes through your curtain is just too much to bear? If you experience this, then it is about time that you get window blinds as you can easily control the amount of natural light that goes through it. At least you’d be able to have a longer rest even with the sun up.

You Need to Manage Electric Energy Consumption

Now if you want to cut some dollars from your electric bill, having window blinds should be beneficial. Instead of turning on your light bulbs, why not just open up your blinds and let the sun do its wonders? Trust me, it’s going to reflect on your next bill.

You Need Extra Privacy

Do you want to shut the outside world just for few hours? If you value your privacy that much, get your own window blinds and be able to block everything for a while. A lot of parents are investing on this because they clearly see its benefits most especially for their kids.  

You Want Something Easier to Maintain


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With your busy schedule, you wouldn’t want to waste time cleaning hard to maintain curtains. Would you? Window blinds were made to be low maintenance so that it will be easier for homeowners to keep it spotless and clean. Just few wipes and you are all done.

You Need an Instant Home Makeover

Do you think your home needs a makeover? You don’t have to buy expensive ornaments or to change your entire furniture. All you have to do is change your traditional curtains into more sophisticated window blinds and you are all set.

You Have Kids

Did you know that window blinds are easy to operate? Even toddlers can do it for you. Most window treatments nowadays are also kid-friendly, cordless and satisfy safety standards.

You are Irritated with Traditional Curtains

And if you are just so fed up with the disadvantages of traditional curtains, then now is the best time to get your own window blinds.

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Minimalist Home Improvement Ideas

Many a times, homeowners who consider improving their houses think that it can be done through the addition of stuff. They often forget that true home improvement is done by considering three basic factors: function, quality, and cleanliness. There is nothing wrong with adding more items to your house as long as it can add both function and beauty. However, there is nothing better than designing your home with minimalist philosophies in mind.

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Benefits of a Minimalist Home Concept

Photo Credit: Style Caster via Pinterest


The most basic principle of minimalism is to get rid of what is unnecessary and keep only what are essential. This principle applies best when designing your home. As much as possible, you would want to only keep fixtures and furniture that both add beauty and value to your home. If you’re only adding an item to add to the aesthetics, it’s better not to add it in the first place; it’s only going to take up much needed space.


Quality goes hand in hand with function. In choosing items to add to your home, you would want to stick to items that you know will serve you for a long time. For instance, instead of buying several cheap furniture items that you’re not sure you’re going to use, you can stick to one or two high-quality items that you are sure to use on a regular basis. If you know where to look, there are many places where you can find high-quality home furniture items that won’t cost you much.


Nobody wants to live in a house that is full of clutter. Clutter not only takes up space, but also is the cause of stress, which often leads to health problems. By keeping minimalist principles in mind when designing your home, you can have a home that’s clutter-free and one that’s very easy to clean and maintain.

How to Re-Design Your Home with Minimalist Principles in Mind

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed via Pinterest

Start With the Furniture

The sofa, tables, and chairs are the largest items inside your home, which is why you would want to start with them first. You don’t necessarily have to get rid of furniture, but the fewer the items, the better. Decide which item can be eliminated without sacrificing comfort and function, you can then stick to items you know you will be able to use on a regular basis.

Clear the Surfaces

All the surfaces, including the floors, should be clear of clutter. Eliminate what are unnecessary and only keep essential fixtures and furniture items. Clear all surfaces and put items inside a box. You can later decide what you want to do with them.

Empty the Walls

You will find that in most homes, the walls are usually filled with different kinds of hanging decors. This wouldn’t work in a minimalist home. As much as possible, you only keep a few pieces of artwork on the walls.

Hide Stuff

One of the important factors of a minimalist home is that items that usually cause clutter are hidden in plain sight. Items such as shoes, books, CDs and DVDs, and should be stored and hidden. It’s okay for toys to spread on the floor when kids are playing, but they should also be stored right after use.

Stick to Simple Patterns

Whether you’re choosing curtains for the windows or decors for the walls, always try to keep things simple. Too much ornament and accessories on windows, walls, and other surfaces are clutter and should be avoided.

Edit, and Edit More

The thing about minimalism is that there is always room for editing and eliminating. After redecorating your home, give it a couple of days and see whether there are more items that you can exclude.


Just because your home follows a minimalist design concept doesn’t mean it won’t look as elegant than if it contained more furniture items and accessories. On the contrary, minimalist home improvement will make your home look more sophisticated and pleasing to the eye.