Cleaning your Indoor Air Naturally

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you can still get sick even though you are only staying inside your house? Here is a trivia for you to think about: did you know that indoor air can be five times more toxic and unclean compared to outdoor air? All of the things inside your house like beds, cooking pans, kids’ clothes and so forth can have hazardous chemicals that make your house’s indoor air more toxic. We usually think that indoor air is fresher and cleaner than the outside’s. Remember that sometimes disregarding the condition of the air you are inhaling can lead you to some illnesses such as asthma, skin allergies, recurrent headaches, and problems with your digestive system. But don’t worry, you can now clean your indoor air without having to spend too much money on it.

Here are four simple, cheap, and natural ways of cleaning and purifying your indoor air:

Set a natural air conditioning

To set a natural air conditioning system does not automatically mean having to open all your windows at home. Instead of doing this, try to naturally cool your home and properly ventilate your house with these steps:

First, you may use ceiling fans in order to ventilate the house and lessen the air pollutants coming from the outside. Then, you may try to set heat-blocking window treatments for you to avoid air dusts, heat, and other chemicals from the outdoors. And finally, try to reduce the usage of heat-producing appliances.

Use Bamboo Charcoal

Charcoals. Photo credit: Timothy Takemoto

Charcoals are famously known and used to purify water. They are also one of the ingredients in some beauty products nowadays. Charcoal has the same toxin-removing effects on the air. You may try to use Moso air purifying bags that are made of linen and loaded with high-density bamboo charcoal. The absorbent form of the charcoal can help remove bacteria, hazardous pollutants, and allergens. It can also suck up moisture and stop the molds and mildews from building up by catching the toxins and impurities inside each pore. 

Try Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candle. Photo credit: Till Westermayer

The regular paraffin candles that we usually use came from petroleum and can emancipate chemicals like toluene, soot, benzene, and other chemicals in the air. These paraffin candles should be avoided because they provide harm rather than advantages in the quality of your indoor air.

On the other hand, the pure beeswax candles are very helpful especially for those who have asthma or allergies. They are also useful in removing common allergens like dust and dander from the air you breathe. Compared to the paraffin candles, beeswax candles burn slower so they last longer.

Grow Houseplants

Golden pothos. Photo credit: Julie Jordan Scott

We all know that plants help people by absorbing the carbon dioxide we produce and converting it to clean oxygen that we are breathing in. There are certain plants that are best in reducing and removing the amount of chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene in the air. Some of the best air purification plants are the Golden Pothos, Boston Fern, Bamboo Palm, Lady Palm, Snake Plant, English Ivy, Dragon Tree, Spider Plant, and Dracaena. It is recommended to put at least one plant per 100 square feet of your house in order to achieve the efficient air cleaning.

Now, you have the ideas to clean your indoor air. Time to start trying these simple and natural ways to effectively clean your indoor air and make it safe for the whole family.


Solar Power, Its Energy and Home Products Inspired By The Sun

As the  advocacy in saving the environment continues, more people are leaning into renewable energy sources that does not only helps in conserving energy consumption in homes but also promotes the lessen production of our carbon footprint in the environment. A perfect example of renewable energy that is being explored and innovated nowadays is solar energy.

Solar power is the best improvement that there is in conserving energy. It generates electricity by converting the sun rays into energy through the help if solar cells. These solar panels are also the ones responsible for storing the said energy and then later on transferring it to a device that will require electricity.

solar panels.jpg
Photo Credit: CNET via Pinterest

More often than not, solar power has been used in various remote locations where electricity line is not present. Lately, solar power advances to the notch as it is expected to lessen the consumption of the traditional electricity supplies, thus providing a key to conserve the environment and brings us closer to the step to the fight against climate change.

In line with this, various materials are considered to be used at home that can serve the same benefit and advantage as solar power – to conserve energy and save a lot more for more important usage. Here are some products that are inspired by the sun:

Solar Venting Skylight

Some movement to conserve energy lessen the usage of lights during daytime if the sun can sustain. But, in a room that is not that much open, it could be a hard thing to consider. Solar Venting Skylight is installed at the top of the room’s ceiling that serves a window in order the sunlight to come inside the house or the room specifically. It also comes with a very stylish and great design perfect for homes’ working theme.


Photo Credit: Home Edit via Pinterest

Sunroom is usually the open or semi-open area at home where rays of sun are best utilized to, in addition, conserve energy and lessen its use. The sunroom is usually setup with various window treatments, displays and decorations that are suitable for the home’s working theme. The said room is usually designed with vibrant or nature-friendly color palettes to make it easier to blend with the rest of the design in a home.

Solar Chargers

solar window chargers.jpg
Photo Credit: IPPINKA via Pinterest

This is also a very ideal gadget for homes and even offices. With the increase in the demand and need for Smartphone and mobile devices, having an alternative source of energy to power up this devices would really contribute a lot in decreasing the consumption of commercial energy at home. Another interesting gadget is the solar window charger. The device can be stick to a window where it will get the energy needed to power up or charge a device. You can practically charge your phone on a desk while hooked up in this device throughout the day.

Taking advantage of the alternatives solar powered devices offers will greatly help not only in saving the environment but also in saving up electrical cost and other consumption at home.

Heat and its Effect in Our Health and Homes

Heat can affect homes and our health, sometimes, in the most devastating ways. In time of climate change and various environment issues and problems, the abrupt rise of temperature is inevitable. Excessive heat does not only pose a danger to your health but as well as your property and furnishings at home, whether located inside or out.

Photo Credit: The Gift of Life via Pinterest

Too much heat can affect homes’ furniture and fixture as they are being exposed to it for a longer period of time. Protective coverings against the heat of the sun and its damaging rays are not always present in all the furniture and home accessories that we have at home. Significant development in housing has been in the pipeline for quite long enough to prepare for the rising temperature and weather. Carbon emissions and other chemical elements involved in and areas surrounding our homes must be monitored in order to maintain a good balance life at home without too many worries.

Climate change has played a major factor on why external things like weather must be considered in order to maintain a balanced and healthy home living. Insulation, sufficient air supply and filtering materials must be considered and implemented inside our homes for the welfare of the household as well.

So here is how heat damages our homes.

It damages furniture and fixture

Too much exposure to heat can totally damage furniture and fixtures at home. Most of the furnishings like chairs and tables are sensitive to heat. Wall paint and wood also suffer damage when exposed to the sun too much. Most of the time, these materials are reacting to warm weather in negative ways. They either expand or shrink when exposed to too much temperature, damaging it as a whole through time. Thus it is advisable to use solar blinds or install window coverings at home to minimize or completely block the sun rays that enter our homes.

Illnesses and other health hazards

Too much heat can cause several illnesses that the body can react to. In accordance, it can affect not just homes and its content but also the members of it. Heat exposure can cause extra expense from the home members’ end.

Excessive heat increases our electrical costs

When the heat is too discomforting or becomes inconvenient, air conditioning becomes a necessity inside homes. A considerable increase in the electrical bill is very evident during summer time when the heat of the sun becomes unbearable even with window coverings and insulation installed in homes. With the increased rate of the effect of global warming to the weather, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see energy costs increase as well unless extra precautions and devices against the heat are installed or applied inside homes.

With the effects of heat mentioned, it is advisable to adapt natural and cost-effective measures to decrease heat and the effects of sun damage in our homes to avoid incurring extra costs in air-conditioning, repairs and replacement that may become necessary due to the damaging effects of the sun.

Starting the Green Revolution at Your Home

Start green living and help the environment get back into shape by starting in your own homes. Going green is not as complicated as you think it is. There are many simple and easy ways to do to live green and live simply. You do not necessarily have to install solar panels on your roof to be considered as a supporter of the Green Revolution, simply begin today, with simple steps, one at a time to contribute in saving the environment.

Tune up your car

Take good care of your car to avoid producing smokes and other dangerous chemicals that is dangerous for your health and environment when released. You do not necessarily have to buy a hybrid car to go green. Keeping the car you have in top shape and condition can do as much help to the environment too. Regular maintenance and tune-ups will keep them running efficiently for years.

Check out meals and treats on the organic section

Some may see organic food as expensive, but the bottom line is, it’s worth the price. It is healthier, fewer pesticides were used to produce these items and is friendlier for the environment. Even when on a budget, there are still delicious and healthy organic foods available out there that will suit your palates as well.

Recycle a thing or two

Recycling is already being considered as mandatory in several places but it would be ideal for this method to be done everywhere. Imagine how much raw materials and landfills would be emptied if people only knew how to manage their waste and recycle efficiently. You can start recycling plastic bottles at home for starters. As you manage to instill the method of recycling in your home, you can also start recycling other objects in the house like glass bottles, metals and papers. Even with this little changes and disciplines practiced at home, helping, even how little it may seem to be makes a difference.

Turn down the thermostat and air conditioning

Save in cooling and heating costs by having blinds at home. Simply open them up during the day to allow natural air to enter your homes and draw them close at night to keep your homes cozy. Timber pelmets can also be installed into your windows to keep the cool air indoors or the heat from entering your homes. Window treatments are not as expensive as you think they are and the benefits of using them are almost countless.

Take a walk

Outdoor activities is not only good for your health but with the environment as well. Take the stairs to work, ride a bike when doing errands around the village or walk going home instead of taking a taxi. You’ll save money in the process and will get the chance to stop and enjoy the view ahead. You cut down energy costs while staying in shape in the process. Walking also allows you to have time to really see how the environment has change and motivates you to do better to bring it back to its former glory.

Here are more tips on how you can join the Green Revolution right at the comfort of your homes.

going green
Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Practice Energy Efficiency at Home with the Whole Family

conserve energy
Photo credit: Nils Vik via Flickr

Some may not see using a compact fluorescent light bulb or fixing a leaky faucet as a big contribution in reducing the energy cost at home or in helping protect and conserve the environment. However, if done as a family, a big difference in your electrical and energy bills will be very visible. A significant amount of savings can be done as a team if practiced regularly at home.

All it takes is a few minutes each month and some conscious use of the appliances you have at home. Here are other ways on how to get started.

  1. Do a home energy audit

Before you can make changes at home, you need to know your actual current energy consumption. Survey and analyze your home’s structure, insulation, and appliances. The most important thing is to know your family’s lifestyle in relation to using energy at home. From this list, you can create preventive measures on how each of the family members can contribute in helping save energy in your household.

  1. Furnace and air filters should be kept clean

Make it a habit to always keep your air filters and furnace filters clean. Clogged and dirty filters require more energy to work efficiently compared to clean ones. To make it a family affair, assign members of the household to take turns in cleaning these filters once a week.

  1. Turn off the lights

Keep the lights off in unused areas at home. Have a “light patrol” assigned on a daily basis. This person is in charge in looking after light bulbs that are left on and unused at home. You can also make this person in charge in unplugging unused appliances at home.

  1. Keep curtains and blinds closed at night

Constantly remind the whole family to keep the curtains and blinds in their room closed especially during the night. This will keep the cold air out decreasing heating cost inside your homes. Keep them open during the day to allow the sun to warm your rooms and living areas.

  1. Dispose your space heaters

Electric kerosene and propane models are very expensive to operate; they are also very dangerous so it would be better if you do not have them at home.

  1. Plant a tree

Tree planting is a fun and fruitful family activity you can try at home. You can even name a tree for a specific family member and make it a competition in nurturing it. Have fruit-bearing trees at home if your space allows you to or some shrubs and small trees that will provide shade and cool your area in general.

Saving and keeping your home energy efficient can be a fun and creative family activity. Create a reward system that will encourage everyone in participating diligently on the tasks assign to each of them. Work as a family and as a team and you’ll see a big difference.