Gift Wrapping Made Easy

The holidays are really approaching very fast and you may have already finished all your holiday shopping by now. With that in mind, it is definitely time to start wrapping up all those pretty presents! Gift wrapping offers a lot of fun, especially with the kids involved. For some, it may be a daunting and intimidating Christmas chore, especially if you have a lot of gifts to wrap and with little time in your hands. This year, make your Christmas wrapping activity a fun and creative one with this easy gift wrapping tips.

Pick a theme for your wrapping paper

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To make your wrapping session a fun one, stick with a theme that you enjoy. Do you like the color red and green to stand out under your Christmas tree? Buy gift wrappers in shade of red and green for your gifts. You can even use them to assign codes for your gifts. Red are for girls and green are for boys. The quality of the gift wrapper that you are about to use should also be a factor. You do not want several torn up papers wasted and thrown on the trash can right? A thicker wrapping paper will prevent less ripping and damages especially for wrapping gifts that comes in strange sizes and shapes.

Make use of the items boxes

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It is easier to wrap gifts and boxes. Most items, bought in the store usually come with a box. Ask the sales lady if the items that you bought have boxes. Items like clothing can be lumpy and unstable to work on when it comes to gift wrapping. The same is true with items that come in different shapes. A box will definitely make it easier for you when it’s time for wrapping these items.

Go green with recycling

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You can use the gift wrappers that you have saved from last year’s gift wrapping session as well as the ones that came from the gifts that you receive. You can also purchase cheaper gift wrapping alternatives like recycled kraft papers. There are many ways to dress up your gifts even with inexpensive gift wrappers. You can add a ribbon or twine a piece of twig to accessorize your presents. A pinecone looks great on gift boxes too instead of the usual styled ribbons.

Do not forget to remove the price tags

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It never hurts to double check of you have already removed the price tag of your gift. It may send a wrong impression or a comedic experience if your gift receiver happens to see the price tag still attached onto her gift. It would be better to use scissors in removing tags instead of pulling them off. You can also use a black marker to cover the price instead of peeling the sticker out.

Tag as you wrap

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It would be better to attach the gift tag onto your gifts as soon as you finish wrapping. You do not want to end up guessing what’s inside a box that you have wrapped earlier. Have a gift list as well. Cross out the names or items that you are already done with to be able to double check which items are already done and which are not.

Simply follow the tips to make your gift wrapping activity a hassle and stress-free experience this 2015.