Home Design Ideas: Light And Natural Hues For Your Living Room

Your living room is the first area of your home that will be introduced to your guests. More often than not, it is one of the most important parts of home that suggests a working theme and define your personality.

Living rooms respond to light and natural hues to be set that can set your abode to top of the class.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors can serve best your living room giving it a cozy and glowing feel. Choose colors between yellow green, green, to powder blue and blue. It creates variety and relaxing tone to any member of the family or guest. White may seem to be the basic color that will make your abode look bigger but there can be other hues that falls into the pastel color group that can suit the trick. Pastel also happens to be this year’s color when it comes to home design.


 Photo Credit: Style By Emily Henderson via Pinterest

Open the windows and make it glass

Light can be best when comes naturally. Manage to have your windows on glass and decorate it with pastel color linens as well to curate a refreshing home solution. It can soothe the mood and set it to a more tone down one. Roller blinds from Blinds Online Australia’s online shop can also be a good way to allow light to enter your glass windows. Some on the other hand would prefer sheer curtains which is also a good choice.

One Kindesign.jpg

 Photo Credit: One Kindesign via Pinterest

Halogen lights

At night, use halogen lights to manage an effect of a natural light. This light tends to be not too loud and not to dim for your living room. Experiment with light colors, shapes and intensities to bring something different inside your homes.

Dare to be bold

Try to have bold colors of paint on your wall that can curate a certain character for your living room area. It will defy the usual aura of the receiving area and will create a working theme not just in the living room but to your whole home as well. Red, green and blue are striking colors that can be used as focal points in your living areas.


Photo Credit: Lushome via Pinterest

When choosing lights and colors for the living room, it only takes certain creativity and experiment to fully mesmerize your family and even yourself with the changes. It will explore more your side that further from the usual norms of your current home setups. The 2016 look will definitely look good more on your home and that it create a post-modern aura set.


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