Are Sunrooms Safe?

Photo credit: Lara604 via Flickr

Planning to expand your house’s space in order for you to have a better access and view of your outdoors? Wanting for an additional living area to stay in during the mild weather? Maybe a sunroom will you. But come to think of it, are these sunrooms really safe? Below we’ll discuss quickly the pros and cons of having sunrooms at home.

The Perks of Having Sunroom

Building up sunrooms is a reasonable way to add up extra space to your house. It will also help increase your house’s total value. Sunrooms are one of the principal aspects of a house being requested and valued by many in the realty market. There are some home buyers who are requesting for sunrooms in order for them to enjoy the view of the outdoors while staying indoors.

Sunrooms have a variety of uses. Sunrooms can be a place for relaxation, allowing the house owner or the visitors to enjoy the ambiance and environment. Having sunrooms can be so beneficial to your health. There are studies showing that exposure to sunlight can be a great help in battling mental illness and depression. You may also use the sunrooms as your eating, play, or entertainment room. It can also be a good place for your plants because there is enough sunlight and air ventilation in sunrooms.

Sunrooms can help you save electricity and energy. This kind of place can get warmth and light of the sun — allowing you to use the natural light instead of using electric lighting. Sunrooms also have a fresh ambiance allowing you to relax and not to use electric fans.

As you read above, there are many perks of having sunrooms. Of course, if there are advantages of having sunrooms, there will be also disadvantages in building one up.

Photo credit: Robin Taylor via Flickr

Disadvantages of Having Sunroom

Having a sunroom can be the source of water leakage in your house. Water leakage is the top disadvantage of having a sunroom. It can be caused by many factors. For example, the joints and other connecting materials between the panels are weak areas that may start the water leakage.

A sunroom that has a lot of glass can experience condensation easily, either during the hot weather or indoors during the cold weather that may also cause molds. It is better to choose and ask an installer or restorer who has enough knowledge in which materials are better to use to reduce the possibility of experiencing condensation.

Sunrooms should have tempered safety glass and there are areas of it that need laminated glass which has a plastic film binding it together. This will provide an extra layer of protection when it breaks.

When you are planning to build up a sunroom in your house, it is better to look for someone who has an adequate background in building that kind of room and ask for his opinions and suggestions. Or if you are planning to buy a house with sunroom, better to ask for a home’s inspector opinion about the safety and integrity of the house and sunroom. In addition, repair the damages as soon as possible to avoid more expenses later on.

Having a sunroom has a lot more benefits than having disadvantages. So basically, the sunrooms are safe as long as the building of it went to proper and organized construction procedure.


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