Latest Innovations on Window Blinds Today

Nowadays, windows are not just ordinary openings in your walls. They have managed to evolve through the years and have become one of the vital and innovative features in our homes. Windows these days also play an important role in keeping your energy and electrical costs in check.

Here are some of the latest innovations you could consider for your windows at home.

  1. Advanced motorized window treatments


Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Honeycomb blinds designs in the market have already evolved throughout the years. They can now be operated with a simple click of a button. Unlike before, these days you you don’t necessarily have to hire an electrician or construction contractor to retrofit your windows to allow them to become motorized. There are now several new technologies available for window motorization, including battery-powered motors as well as super-silent functionality that can be easily installed onto your existing windows.

Many motorized treatments are now creating smart homes as they can be integrated with your home’s security systems as well. Some motorized window treatments can even be operated straight from your phone or tablet. Some apps are especially created for phones that have capabilities of sending you a text message in case they are suddenly raised or lowered. That’s an additional security feature you can add into your home.

  1. Child-friendly window blinds

Children and pets are delicate members of your household. Dangling cords present in your window blinds can be a dangerous feature and possible risk for your children and pets’ safety at home. Child and pet-proof window treatments are now the current standard for window coverings and not just an upgrade option. New designs featured for window treatments now come in clean lines and have managed to entirely shy away from cords, offering a chic design with a child and pet-safe option.


Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Cord-free designs are becoming a more reliable option for window treatments. The earlier versions of the cord-free blinds are often left stuck and may require moderate and extensive repair. Better functionality has evolved throughout the years, providing improved safety and less hassle. Other child-friendly options include motorized shades, shutters, curtains and roller shades.

  1. Energy-efficient exterior shades

Layered window treatments have also managed to dominate the window covering market nowadays. Aside from the exceptional design that it offers, the advanced energy-efficiency it provides is also a big come-on for many homemakers and property owners. Exterior shading solutions are now being built in into window treatments for that extra functionality.

Outside shutters and blinds protect your homes from having to endure the harmful rays of the sun during summer. These also help in keeping the heat from escaping your home during cooler weather and at night. These solutions aid in decreasing energy bills that you consume at home.

  1. Multi-layered window treatment options

Privacy, insulation, and improved efficiency are now featured in window treatments. While some simply offer privacy onto your property, some treatment options go another step further by offering special light-blocking abilities. Some window treatments are lined with specialized materials that have capabilities of blocking dangerous UV rays that may pose a threat to the members of your household, as well as in damaging your interior paints and furnishings at home. Energy-efficient exterior shades can offer up to 25% savings in your electrical bills when properly used.

Adapting these energy-efficient solutions into your homes will bring a lot of difference not only for your monthly savings but also in making your home a pleasurable place for the whole family.


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