Latest Themed Window Treatment Designs for your Home

Window treatments can bring a whole new color and vibe into your home. There are many inspiring looks available today concerning window coverings. These include beautiful curtains, blinds, draperies, shutters, awnings and a lot more.

Now is the perfect time to rethink and redecorate your windows. Whether you prefer DIY window treatments or high-end window coverings for your home, you will definitely find one that will fit the theme that you prefer. There is definitely a trend and design that will suit your style and catch your attention just like the inspiring ideas enumerated below.


Photo Credit: via Pinterest

DIY Themed Window Designs

So you decided to splurge on some really nice blackout blinds from a trusted blinds online manufacturer. Unfortunately, you do not have enough spare money to buy yourself curtains and draperies that will make your entire window design perfect for the theme you are aiming for. Worry no more because there is a design-savvy way to achieve the theme that you want for your windows without having to break your budget — DIY window coverings!

For that homey theme for your home, you can repurpose sheets and table cloths and transform them into traditional curtains. Simply hang them from the rods using ring clips. You can go ambitious and paint them with splashes of color that will complement well with your living area. Ribbons or other fabrics stitched into these sheets can also bring a different highlight for your window coverings. There is a wide universe of colors and patterns available for you to choose from, minus the cost.

Decorative Window Films

Another emerging design approach you could do for your window includes covering them with window films. Window films are made of several flexible substances like vinyl. They are great in maintaining privacy while letting in natural light into your home. You can opt to have clear or colored window films or the ones that are decorated with different patterns. You can choose from flora designs to nature-inspired themes or simple colored ones. The options for the designs are almost too diverse thus allowing you to have plenty of options that will complement with your current home design. They are usually sold in rolls or sheets that can be cut to fit on individual door and window panes.

Decorated Plain Curtains and Blinds

Who says you can’t improve your existing window treatments at home? Simply clean them up and take a step further when it comes to design by adding color and point of interest to your window coverings. You can paint your vertical blinds with a different color or highlight a few slats by adoring them with ribbons, paint, or print. This will be a perfect conversational piece you can brag to friends and relatives every time they visit. You can do intricate bead work on your window pelmets or have pompoms attached as tassels for your window cords. You’ll be having a new window accessory without having to throw out your old ones!


Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Organic, Textural Shades and Blinds

Be even more creative and bring your window designs into greater heights by opting for timber blinds or plantation shutters. They are made of wood and can last for a long period of time. These designs are organic and also add a different kind of texture for your boring and plain windows. You can add a few sheer curtains together with these wood-inspired window coverings for that country theme and feel for your home. Having wood incorporated in your home design also creates a vibe close to having a vacation house in the tropics. You’ll get insulation for your windows, privacy, and comfort without actually having to spend too much.


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