Get the Look: A Fun and Colorful Family Home

Having a home that looks and feels inviting beckons not only guests but also as well as your family. When your homes are well decorated and provide an appealing vibe to your family, you can expect to see most of your family members staying at home and inviting friends to come over. This makes your home an enjoyable and memorable place as well.

better homes and gardens.jpg

Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens via Pinterest

Here are some tips that you can apply to your homes to keep your love ones and even guest from leaving your homes.

Let the front door be as inviting as possible

Do not underestimate the power of curb appeal. A well-decorated home façade can be very inviting even in pictures. A bright welcome mat, a vibrant splash of paint for your door and a cheerful wreath can do the work. You can also make your home number unique from the ones available on your street to be able to set apart your home from the rest. Plants are another good addition to make your entryways appealing.


Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Decorate your windows

Refreshing windows are windows that allow the fresh air and the sunshine is a plus for any home. Decorating your homes with window treatments such as 3 day blinds from Blinds Online can add more appeal to your homes. The efficiency that well decorated and devised windows offers are also both very useful especially during the summer or during the cold months.

Use color for design tricks

A guest’s first view of your space often includes a detailed attention that goes as far as the accessories that you have in the farthest area of your home. A painting in the wall or a bold accent color can easily capture their attention. This will literally pull people into your homes creating a feeling that they desire to stay in your homes longer to explore and enjoy its comforts.

Arrange your furniture in a way that allows movement

Guests do not normally feel comfortable if the space that they are in hard to understand. Make movement smooth and accessible by placing your furniture and home accessories in a more coherent layout. Avoid too many obstacles that make it hard from moving one place to another.


Photo Credit: Brit + Co via Pinterest

Use soft textiles

Use soft textiles in your pillowcases especially in the living area. It would also be advisable to have smooth and relaxing textile as your sofa, beds and bedding. This promotes comfort and relaxation and invites the family members to snuggle and simply enjoy the ease and relaxation your home offers.

Most often than not, the color and fun that a home can bring depends on the personality of the people inside. Let your positive personality flow into your furnishings and your home as a whole with these design tips.


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