Moving In Made Easy: Tips When Moving in A New Home

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Moving is expensive, and there is no question about it. Whether it’s to a different state or just to the next block you are moving, the transition can really take a toll on your finances. However, a lot of people are not prepared for the costs that come with moving. This is the reason that for many homeowners, moving is the one of the major causes for them being drowned in debt. If you are considering to move soon, here are crucial things you need to keep in mind to make sure the entire experience won’t hurt your wallet.

Prepare a Moving Budget

Many people who move don’t feel like they need to create a budget for the occasion. This often leads to more expenses in the long run. The reason is that small things such as buying a new set of dishes, or a new shower curtain can all add up, and if you don’t have a budget considering those things, you will wonder later on where all your money has gone. On the contrary, you will be more aware of what you are going to spend on and be more prepare if you have a budget set.

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If you’re hiring a moving company:

– Moving company fee
– Professional packing
– Additional Insurance
– Extra charges

If you’re hiring a moving truck:

– Truck rental
– Gas expense
– Equipment rental
– Incidentals
– Insurance

If you’re moving on your own:
– Transportation cost
– Lodging expense
– Meals
– Pet care

Decide Whether Or Not to Hire a Moving Company

Should you hire a moving company or just do it yourself? The answer depends on two simple factors: how much you are going to move and how far you are moving.

How much stuff are you going to move?

Are you going to move an apartment or a 4-bedroom house? If you’re moving an apartment, that only requires moving a few stuff, which means a 10’ moving truck might be enough. If you’re moving only a few things and you have your own truck, perhaps you can just solicit help from friends and relatives.

How far are you moving?

How far you are moving will also determine whether you will need to hire a removalist or not. Obviously, the further you will move, the more expensive the move will be. Call several moving companies and find out which one can offer you the lowest price. Compare that price to how much money you are going to spend if you decide to move yourself.

Go Minimalist

If you are not a minimalist yet, moving to a new home is the right opportunity for you to be one. There is nothing more that can save you money when moving than going minimalist. Minimalism is the philosophy of eliminating what is unnecessary to make more room for what is more essential. It doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of all your stuff and living in your new home with nothing, but one set of clothing, a laptop, and a luggage, although you can also do that. Instead of moving every stuff you have from your old home, consider moving only with what you believe you cannot live without. Also try considering selling up most of your stuff on a garage sale. It won’t only save you money, but will even gain you some that you can use for your move.

Latest Innovations on Window Blinds Today

Nowadays, windows are not just ordinary openings in your walls. They have managed to evolve through the years and have become one of the vital and innovative features in our homes. Windows these days also play an important role in keeping your energy and electrical costs in check.

Here are some of the latest innovations you could consider for your windows at home.

  1. Advanced motorized window treatments


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Honeycomb blinds designs in the market have already evolved throughout the years. They can now be operated with a simple click of a button. Unlike before, these days you you don’t necessarily have to hire an electrician or construction contractor to retrofit your windows to allow them to become motorized. There are now several new technologies available for window motorization, including battery-powered motors as well as super-silent functionality that can be easily installed onto your existing windows.

Many motorized treatments are now creating smart homes as they can be integrated with your home’s security systems as well. Some motorized window treatments can even be operated straight from your phone or tablet. Some apps are especially created for phones that have capabilities of sending you a text message in case they are suddenly raised or lowered. That’s an additional security feature you can add into your home.

  1. Child-friendly window blinds

Children and pets are delicate members of your household. Dangling cords present in your window blinds can be a dangerous feature and possible risk for your children and pets’ safety at home. Child and pet-proof window treatments are now the current standard for window coverings and not just an upgrade option. New designs featured for window treatments now come in clean lines and have managed to entirely shy away from cords, offering a chic design with a child and pet-safe option.


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Cord-free designs are becoming a more reliable option for window treatments. The earlier versions of the cord-free blinds are often left stuck and may require moderate and extensive repair. Better functionality has evolved throughout the years, providing improved safety and less hassle. Other child-friendly options include motorized shades, shutters, curtains and roller shades.

  1. Energy-efficient exterior shades

Layered window treatments have also managed to dominate the window covering market nowadays. Aside from the exceptional design that it offers, the advanced energy-efficiency it provides is also a big come-on for many homemakers and property owners. Exterior shading solutions are now being built in into window treatments for that extra functionality.

Outside shutters and blinds protect your homes from having to endure the harmful rays of the sun during summer. These also help in keeping the heat from escaping your home during cooler weather and at night. These solutions aid in decreasing energy bills that you consume at home.

  1. Multi-layered window treatment options

Privacy, insulation, and improved efficiency are now featured in window treatments. While some simply offer privacy onto your property, some treatment options go another step further by offering special light-blocking abilities. Some window treatments are lined with specialized materials that have capabilities of blocking dangerous UV rays that may pose a threat to the members of your household, as well as in damaging your interior paints and furnishings at home. Energy-efficient exterior shades can offer up to 25% savings in your electrical bills when properly used.

Adapting these energy-efficient solutions into your homes will bring a lot of difference not only for your monthly savings but also in making your home a pleasurable place for the whole family.

Latest Themed Window Treatment Designs for your Home

Window treatments can bring a whole new color and vibe into your home. There are many inspiring looks available today concerning window coverings. These include beautiful curtains, blinds, draperies, shutters, awnings and a lot more.

Now is the perfect time to rethink and redecorate your windows. Whether you prefer DIY window treatments or high-end window coverings for your home, you will definitely find one that will fit the theme that you prefer. There is definitely a trend and design that will suit your style and catch your attention just like the inspiring ideas enumerated below.


Photo Credit: via Pinterest

DIY Themed Window Designs

So you decided to splurge on some really nice blackout blinds from a trusted blinds online manufacturer. Unfortunately, you do not have enough spare money to buy yourself curtains and draperies that will make your entire window design perfect for the theme you are aiming for. Worry no more because there is a design-savvy way to achieve the theme that you want for your windows without having to break your budget — DIY window coverings!

For that homey theme for your home, you can repurpose sheets and table cloths and transform them into traditional curtains. Simply hang them from the rods using ring clips. You can go ambitious and paint them with splashes of color that will complement well with your living area. Ribbons or other fabrics stitched into these sheets can also bring a different highlight for your window coverings. There is a wide universe of colors and patterns available for you to choose from, minus the cost.

Decorative Window Films

Another emerging design approach you could do for your window includes covering them with window films. Window films are made of several flexible substances like vinyl. They are great in maintaining privacy while letting in natural light into your home. You can opt to have clear or colored window films or the ones that are decorated with different patterns. You can choose from flora designs to nature-inspired themes or simple colored ones. The options for the designs are almost too diverse thus allowing you to have plenty of options that will complement with your current home design. They are usually sold in rolls or sheets that can be cut to fit on individual door and window panes.

Decorated Plain Curtains and Blinds

Who says you can’t improve your existing window treatments at home? Simply clean them up and take a step further when it comes to design by adding color and point of interest to your window coverings. You can paint your vertical blinds with a different color or highlight a few slats by adoring them with ribbons, paint, or print. This will be a perfect conversational piece you can brag to friends and relatives every time they visit. You can do intricate bead work on your window pelmets or have pompoms attached as tassels for your window cords. You’ll be having a new window accessory without having to throw out your old ones!


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Organic, Textural Shades and Blinds

Be even more creative and bring your window designs into greater heights by opting for timber blinds or plantation shutters. They are made of wood and can last for a long period of time. These designs are organic and also add a different kind of texture for your boring and plain windows. You can add a few sheer curtains together with these wood-inspired window coverings for that country theme and feel for your home. Having wood incorporated in your home design also creates a vibe close to having a vacation house in the tropics. You’ll get insulation for your windows, privacy, and comfort without actually having to spend too much.

Get the Look: A Fun and Colorful Family Home

Having a home that looks and feels inviting beckons not only guests but also as well as your family. When your homes are well decorated and provide an appealing vibe to your family, you can expect to see most of your family members staying at home and inviting friends to come over. This makes your home an enjoyable and memorable place as well.

better homes and gardens.jpg

Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens via Pinterest

Here are some tips that you can apply to your homes to keep your love ones and even guest from leaving your homes.

Let the front door be as inviting as possible

Do not underestimate the power of curb appeal. A well-decorated home façade can be very inviting even in pictures. A bright welcome mat, a vibrant splash of paint for your door and a cheerful wreath can do the work. You can also make your home number unique from the ones available on your street to be able to set apart your home from the rest. Plants are another good addition to make your entryways appealing.


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Decorate your windows

Refreshing windows are windows that allow the fresh air and the sunshine is a plus for any home. Decorating your homes with window treatments such as 3 day blinds from Blinds Online can add more appeal to your homes. The efficiency that well decorated and devised windows offers are also both very useful especially during the summer or during the cold months.

Use color for design tricks

A guest’s first view of your space often includes a detailed attention that goes as far as the accessories that you have in the farthest area of your home. A painting in the wall or a bold accent color can easily capture their attention. This will literally pull people into your homes creating a feeling that they desire to stay in your homes longer to explore and enjoy its comforts.

Arrange your furniture in a way that allows movement

Guests do not normally feel comfortable if the space that they are in hard to understand. Make movement smooth and accessible by placing your furniture and home accessories in a more coherent layout. Avoid too many obstacles that make it hard from moving one place to another.


Photo Credit: Brit + Co via Pinterest

Use soft textiles

Use soft textiles in your pillowcases especially in the living area. It would also be advisable to have smooth and relaxing textile as your sofa, beds and bedding. This promotes comfort and relaxation and invites the family members to snuggle and simply enjoy the ease and relaxation your home offers.

Most often than not, the color and fun that a home can bring depends on the personality of the people inside. Let your positive personality flow into your furnishings and your home as a whole with these design tips.

Things You Should Consider in a Garden Shed

If you are like most homeowners, you understand that there is no such thing as “adequate storage space.” After all, there is a limit to the things you can stash away in your basement and garage. If you find yourself always looking for a place to stockpile your extra stuff, then you might as well include garden shed as a part of your home improvement project.

Stylist Magazine

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Garden sheds make a lasting investment for every home. Garden sheds, in general, are a haven for gardeners because they keep shovels, rakes, and other gardening tools out of the weather. But, this storage space may also serve a combination of other purposes, including protecting seasonal decorations, keeping unused furniture, holding hobby equipment, and keeping rarely used items that won’t fit the garage. Garden sheds, indeed, are the perfect solution for every household’s storage problems.

When it comes to building a garden shed, it’s either you buy a kit and settle for the manufacturer’s choice of materials and design, or you can develop your own layout and build the structure yourself. The latter approach may be more expensive and time-consuming. The advantage, however, is that you can build the shed according to your needs and personal taste.


Photo Credit: Country Living via Pinterest

Before buying a shed, be sure to consider the following factors:

  • Quality of Materials

First of all, check the quality of the materials. As much as possible, avoid wooden garden sheds because they are prone to rotting and are susceptible to bugs. In many cases, a metal shed is a better choice because it does not rot and cannot be penetrated by bugs. Galvanized steel is highly recommended because it’s durable and can protect against rust for a good number of years.

  • Size

When deciding on a garden shed for your home, make sure that it is large enough to accommodate an arsenal of outdoor tools, heavy equipment, and large furniture. What you really need is a big space – one that provides an organized room for all the things that need to be stored.

  • Security Features

Security is yet another important consideration when buying a shed. Make sure that your garden shed comes with a latch that can be easily secured and locked. This will not only ensure the safety of what’s inside, but will also prevent you from having to ruin the integrity of the shed by installing your own locking or security system.

  • Type of Door

When purchasing a shed, it’s also important to consider the type of door the shed is built with. The three most common types of door available in the market are: vertical roller shutters, sliding doors, and standard hinged doors. For safety, security, and function, the best option is the sliding door. Sliding doors are simple to maneuver; hence, it is easy to move items in and out of the shed. They are also very reliable because they’re difficult for thieves to pry open.

A garden shed can make any home look tidy, organized, and spacious. But, most importantly, with the right kind of garden shed, storing things become easier for homeowners.