Spring Cleaning Tips: Commonly Neglected Areas in the House

Are you ready for spring cleaning? I’m sure you are excited and would like to gloss your things around the house, but there are some people who might neglect small areas. And that’s where we are going to help you. Allow us to identify the most commonly neglected areas in your house so for the next spring cleaning, your abode will be spotless – for real.

Window Blinds

You have to take your time cleaning window blinds. There is no specific way on how to clean window blinds as it will depend on the type you have. But here are some basic tips. You can use a rubber sponge so you can remove the dust from fabric and vinyl blinds. All you have to do is simply wipe it across. Also, for spot cleaning, you can use an all – purpose cleaner. But make sure you spray it in your cloth and not directly to your blinds.

Medicine Cabinets

It is necessary that you clean your medicine cabinets. Check the expiration and do not just dispose it like your regular trash. Never flush it in your toilet because it might contaminate ground water. What we suggest is that you put it in one container and bring it to a drugstore or to a place where they could properly dispose medicines.

Make-up and Beauty Products

Beauty products and make-up have expiry dates as well. It is very important to make sure to throw away make-up that has been lying around for several months even if they are barely used. It would be wise to write a note for purchase dates onto the side of your products especially the ones that you seldom used. This is why it is important to keep the number of your beauty products as per need basis to avoid having so many stuff that are neither barely used or not used at all.

Garbage Bins

It isn’t enough that you empty your trash bins. After clearing it up, make sure that you wash your cans with soap and water in order to remove the odor. Don’t use it unless fully dry so it wouldn’t have molds.

Get your hands ready. Ask your kids to help you with your spring cleaning. It’s an activity everyone would enjoy. Plus, who knows if you can get things which are good for a garage sale? At least you would be able to get some cash.

Here is a inforgraphic on how to keep your homes clean all year round.


Photo Credit: Bloglovin via Pinterest



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