Common Misconceptions with Window Shutters

One of the most commonly misunderstood window coverings in the decorating industry are window shutters. They are seen as unconventional, impractical, expensive, hard to maintain and a second rate when it comes to aesthetics for windows. This is why there are only a few people who favor installing them in their homes.

There are still a lot of people who would opt not to buy window shutters for their homes thinking that it is not beneficial to them. They think it is just a waste of money and that it’s not going to do any help to their houses. But we beg to differ as we know few advantages of getting one. In this post, we’ll share with you some of the misconceptions about window shutters.

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They Are Only for Aesthetic Purposes

No. Window shutters are not just there to beautify your homes. But of course, having one installed can give your house that improved look. However, you need to know that having shutters can help you in regulating the light, air and temperature that goes into your home. In addition, it gives you protection as well. Since shutters are made from a solid material, it helps in blocking objects from breaking your windows.

Limited Options

Some people believe that getting the perfect window shutters is hard. They think the options are limited and that having one will just ‘destroy’ the entire look of their house. With the variety of options today, that’s a fallacy. There are different designs to choose from and you can even have one which is custom – made. At least your shutters will be cohesive with your home’s design or theme. It’s easier to decide and choose!

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Hard to Control

Quite the contrary, window shutters are easy to operate. With just few twists, you’d be able to control it. It will all depend on how wide or narrow you would like it to be. I due time, I wouldn’t be surprised to see automated window shutters.

Hard to Maintain

With just a damp cloth, you can easily clean your shutters. But bear in mind to get from a supplier that offers warranty to get the best value out of it. Soap and water on a damp cloth every other day will keep dust from accumulating and damaging the paint your shutters have.

So what’s stopping you from getting window shutters? It’s beautiful, economical and it is a great investment for your home.

Spring Cleaning Tips: Commonly Neglected Areas in the House

Are you ready for spring cleaning? I’m sure you are excited and would like to gloss your things around the house, but there are some people who might neglect small areas. And that’s where we are going to help you. Allow us to identify the most commonly neglected areas in your house so for the next spring cleaning, your abode will be spotless – for real.

Window Blinds

You have to take your time cleaning window blinds. There is no specific way on how to clean window blinds as it will depend on the type you have. But here are some basic tips. You can use a rubber sponge so you can remove the dust from fabric and vinyl blinds. All you have to do is simply wipe it across. Also, for spot cleaning, you can use an all – purpose cleaner. But make sure you spray it in your cloth and not directly to your blinds.

Medicine Cabinets

It is necessary that you clean your medicine cabinets. Check the expiration and do not just dispose it like your regular trash. Never flush it in your toilet because it might contaminate ground water. What we suggest is that you put it in one container and bring it to a drugstore or to a place where they could properly dispose medicines.

Make-up and Beauty Products

Beauty products and make-up have expiry dates as well. It is very important to make sure to throw away make-up that has been lying around for several months even if they are barely used. It would be wise to write a note for purchase dates onto the side of your products especially the ones that you seldom used. This is why it is important to keep the number of your beauty products as per need basis to avoid having so many stuff that are neither barely used or not used at all.

Garbage Bins

It isn’t enough that you empty your trash bins. After clearing it up, make sure that you wash your cans with soap and water in order to remove the odor. Don’t use it unless fully dry so it wouldn’t have molds.

Get your hands ready. Ask your kids to help you with your spring cleaning. It’s an activity everyone would enjoy. Plus, who knows if you can get things which are good for a garage sale? At least you would be able to get some cash.

Here is a inforgraphic on how to keep your homes clean all year round.


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7 Signs You Should Invest in Window Blinds

Some do not really pay too much attention with dressing up their windows at home. Some even see window blinds as impractical investments. However, this is all untrue. Taking time to change the look of your windows with window treatments may bring a whole new light to your homes.

Still having second thoughts if you need to buy window blinds? Well, this article might help you with your decision to purchase. You see, window blinds have a number of benefits, and I’ll give you 7 signs if you have to contact your supplier right now to invest in some.

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You Want to Control Natural Light

Do you want to stay longer in bed but the sunlight that passes through your curtain is just too much to bear? If you experience this, then it is about time that you get window blinds as you can easily control the amount of natural light that goes through it. At least you’d be able to have a longer rest even with the sun up.

You Need to Manage Electric Energy Consumption

Now if you want to cut some dollars from your electric bill, having window blinds should be beneficial. Instead of turning on your light bulbs, why not just open up your blinds and let the sun do its wonders? Trust me, it’s going to reflect on your next bill.

You Need Extra Privacy

Do you want to shut the outside world just for few hours? If you value your privacy that much, get your own window blinds and be able to block everything for a while. A lot of parents are investing on this because they clearly see its benefits most especially for their kids.  

You Want Something Easier to Maintain


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With your busy schedule, you wouldn’t want to waste time cleaning hard to maintain curtains. Would you? Window blinds were made to be low maintenance so that it will be easier for homeowners to keep it spotless and clean. Just few wipes and you are all done.

You Need an Instant Home Makeover

Do you think your home needs a makeover? You don’t have to buy expensive ornaments or to change your entire furniture. All you have to do is change your traditional curtains into more sophisticated window blinds and you are all set.

You Have Kids

Did you know that window blinds are easy to operate? Even toddlers can do it for you. Most window treatments nowadays are also kid-friendly, cordless and satisfy safety standards.

You are Irritated with Traditional Curtains

And if you are just so fed up with the disadvantages of traditional curtains, then now is the best time to get your own window blinds.

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