Home Renovation and Planning: Creating Your Blueprint

Planning for a new home or a home renovation requires so many things. With so many considerations in mind, hiring professionals and creating a team that will help you throughout the process of creating your blueprint is necessary. Every creative and technical input applied into your home’s blueprint will dictate on how successful and beautiful your homes can be.

Here are some of the things to be considered in creating your home’s blueprint.

Photo Credit: A Little Bit of This, That and Everything via Pinterest

The outdoors is as vital as the indoors.

Keep in mind to create a balance between the indoors and outdoors of our home. Place windows were light and air can enter the most and a wall on areas that are considerably too hot or too cool or be ready to place temporary blockout blinds in these areas during changes in weather. It is also important to pay attention with the design of your outdoors as much as your indoors. Doors should be accessible to the main streets and entrances should be located conveniently according to the general terrain of the area. Doorways, windows and entry ways should be sheltered from the rain as well.

Waterproofing is essential

Waterproofing is very essential in homes especially in countries where climates can go too cool. Solid roofing materials should be waterproofed to avoid bigger problems in the future. Large walls are required to have waterproofing to avoid water from seeping in.

Smart security systems

Consider probations for security systems that you might want to include in your future renovation and home improvement. Home security systems no matter how basic or not will require adjustments in the electrical connection you have at home. Provide such provisions for easier installment in the future.

Provisions for electrical and HVAC systems

Photo Credit: Behance via Pinterest

You might not be able to install an outdoor heating device for now but you may in the future. Make provision for running gas pies and electrical wirings to avoid chipping a wall or messing up with your whole connection as soon as you are able to add these home improvements.

Consider the kids

Even if you have no kids at present, it would be wise to incorporate sightlines for children’s play areas as early as in the blueprint of your design. You can also provide room provisions most especially if you plan to have kids very soon. If you plan to have kids later than earlier, you can indicate future spaces in your blueprint on where you plan to expand or renovate in the future.

Lighting essentials

Lighting is vital both in the indoors and outdoors of your home. It enhances its natural features and ambiance as well. If you cannot afford to have outdoor lights yet, you can have a cable ready for outdoor lights so that it is already included in your circuit breaker computations as well.

Hard and soft copies of your blueprint

Be sure to have extra copies of the blueprint of your home both in print and in soft copy. This would be very helpful when doing repairs, extensions, renovations and other construction activities in your home.


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