Compelling Reasons to Live a Minimalist Lifestyle

In a generation with people that prides itself in the accumulation of things, but has forgotten what it really means to live, minimalism may just be the solution. Contrary to what most people think, minimalism isn’t simply getting rid of stuff. It is way more than that. The true highlight of minimalism is actually not on the elimination of clutter, but on the focus on the more important things in life – your health, your hobbies, and your family. If you are in doubt of following the path to a minimalist life, these reasons should compel you to start being a minimalist today.

Photo Credit: HomeTalk via Pinterest

It Gives You More Room for What’s More Important

Just because you are doing a lot of stuff each day doesn’t mean you are productive. It doesn’t even mean that all of you are activities are important. In fact, if you take time to evaluate your activities, you will realize that most are not really that necessary and ones that you can live without. The main benefit of minimalism is that it gives you more room for the more important things in life. By enumerating the things that can be considered excess in your life and getting rid of them, you can have more time for worthwhile activities such as improving your health and spending more time with your family.

Many people think that working overtime is productive, or that spending time shopping for stuff will make them happier. Real productivity and happiness, however, comes in having enough time not just for work, but for yourself and for your family as well. If you leave work last every day, but can’t find time for your kids, that’s not productivity. If you are spending time buying stuff, but don’t have time for your hobbies and for your health, that’s not productivity either.

It Eliminates the Clutter Caused by Excess Stuff and Activities

Having a lot of stuff at home doesn’t mean that one is materialistic. You can have nothing at all and still think about material things all the time. What minimalism does is that it helps you get rid of what is excess or what is causing clutter in your life. It may be an activity that’s taking a lot of your time such as sitting in front of your computer and checking your emails or checking what your friends are up to at the moment. These things are not bad, but they have a tendency to cause clutter. By deciding to live a minimalist lifestyle, you can allocate your time more effectively and reduce clutter at home or at work.

It Gives You More Freedom

The desire to have more is like an anchor that can weigh you down, because the more you accumulate things, the more you will crave for additional stuff. The less you have and the less you do, the more freedom you have to do what’s really essential.

It Gives You Peace of Mind

The thing about accumulating a lot of things and engaging in a lot of activities is that it causes your mind to focus on several things at once. When your mind is full, it is difficult to have peace and quiet. On the contrary, if your mind is focused only on a few important things, the more it will have room for Zen and peace.

It Gives You Happiness

The purpose of living is to be happy, and that is the main goal of minimalism. Many people think that having more stuff and engaging in more activities will make them happy, but when you talk about true happiness, less is always more. The fewer things you have, the fewer things you will have to worry about. The less time you spend on unnecessary activities, the more time you will have doing what you love to do.


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