Charming Ideas You Can Add in Your Bedrooms

Decorating can sometimes be a repetitive process that we typically enjoy doing. If we are trying to catch up with the latest trends in home décor and efficiency, constantly decorating is indeed the case. One of the most common areas that are usually decorated over and over is the bedroom. It can be easily personalized and it usually adapts to the changes that the room owner experiences or needs.

Photo Credit: HomEdit via Pinterest

Fortunately, there are chic and charming ideas that you can do to decorate your rooms within a restricted budget. The best part is that you can actually do it with the existing items that you already have inside your rooms.

Faux frames

Bring a different kind of look for your mirrors by adding a faux frame around it. This can be a focal decorative element inside your room and it will only cost you a few dollars in buying a frame. You can also redecorate your headboard by framing it with faux. This adds a regal and intricate vibe for your rooms as well.

Wall decals

Photo Credit: Murals Wallpaper via Pinterest

There are different kind of wall decals that will suit your personality and the personality of your room. You can even actually ask someone to create a customized wall decal to make your room as unique as possible.

Side tables

Side tables can be an interesting piece you can continuously decorate over and over again inside your bedrooms. A splash of paint or varnish can completely change the look of your side tables making it the most versatile piece you can use and update over and over again for your bedroom.

Decorative pillows

Pillowcases are easy to repurpose and redecorate pieces inside your bedrooms. You can mix and match old fabrics or add a few rhinestones, ribbons or sequins to update the look of your pillows. You won’t need to invest much and the process can be an entertaining way you can spend your weekend and free time at home.

Chalkboard wall

Photo Credit: Nest of Poppies Blog via Pinterest

This would be a great addition for your children’s rooms. They can practically draw anything on their wall without being scolded for doing so. Older kids can write down notes, memos and even school work that they would want to memorize inside their room. Teens on the other hand can write inspirational quotes or phrases they can relate to inside their rooms. The possibilities and use of a chalkboard wall are actually endless. Nice curtains can be used to cover these areas if you would want to keep the details in this wall private.


You can easily redecorate or replace the fabric of your lampshades inside your room to updates its look. There are actually many ideas and inspiration to choose from online, especially from Pinterest.

Your rooms can be chic and sassy without having to endure a hundred dollars or more worth in décor and furnishing with these innovative and creative ideas in mind.



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