Gorgeous Blooms and Flowers for Your Homes

Flowers and flora adds not only colors but as well as texture and an interesting scent inside your homes. However, with kids around, some may see placing flowers in vases on your center tables as dangerous and frustrating as well if you end up seeing your favorite vase shattered on the floor or worst, you kids bruised with a broken glass from this home décor.

Yet there are ways on how you can still enjoy blooms and flowers inside your home without having to compromise your kids’ safety or having to endure seeing another of your favorite vases shattered in pieces and going to waste. You can still have stunning flowers, inside and out, to add a natural touch of beauty into your homes.

Think Small

Photo Credit: It All Started with Paint via Pinterest

Small areas like the top of your fridge or you top shelves can accommodate a few flowers for you to decorate. You can place them in a sturdy mason jar or a fish bowl to make the most out of the small space in these areas.

You can go big as well

Photo Credit: LaurenConrad.com via Pinterest

Your dining table is still the best spot where you can arrange flowers to bring color and interest in that area. Instead of using a tall narrow vase, have a bigger bases vase or even ceramic pot where you can arrange your favorite blossoms. It sturdier and the possibilities of kids pushing it over would be less since its heavier compared to the usual flower vases.

Use plastic pots

Photo Credit: All You Magazine via Pinterest

Plastic pots can also be used as a replacement for vases when placing flowers inside your rooms. There are many printed and colored pots that are available in the market nowadays for you to choose from. Printed options would be perfect vases for white flowers and creates an interesting detail for the overall look of your décor.

Hanging vases

Photo Credit: Topista via Pinterest

You can also hang your flower pots and vases and make it look like a chandelier on your kitchen area or even your dining room. You can use flower foams placed in plastic pots as your base to be able to keep them hydrated.

You can make your homes look great and natural with flowers without compromising the safety of your kids by keeping them strategically located in areas far from your children’s reach.


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