Early 2016 Home Decorating Predictions

The year 2015 is about to conclude and welcome 2016. With only a few days left towards the New Year ahead, a lot of home decorating styles are already being considered by many to welcome the 2016 in place. A lot might be an upgrade of what 2015 has been but there are new good decoration ideas that will make 2016 the best year in home and decorating.

Are you worried about splurging your budget so early this 2016? Relax and take a breather because some of the design trends from 2015 will crossover the New year with just a little upgrade or no additional changes at all.

Here is some of the 2016 home decorating hits that everyone has started eyeing on

Shades of Pink, Red “Meat,” or Peach

Photo Credit: blog.styleestate.com via Pinterest

New colors are up and coming and started to look more vibrant. Shades of pink, red “meat,” or peach are the predicted to be the new trends that will make interior home designs in the groove for the year 2016. Edgy styles associated with the aforementioned colors are also in. Blue hues will continue to be part of what’s in for 2016 as well as metallic colors like gold, platinum, bronze and silver.

Minimalistic Usage of Space

Photo Credit: onekinddesign.com via Pinterest

Clutter be gone is what 2016 upholds. Home trends are into being minimalist and less usage of space to provide neater look and widen what was left for the home area.  With millenials busy with their careers and lives, it would be practical and more easier to maintain a home free of clutter and with just enough of the basic furniture, equipped with function and style.

Desk Usage

Photo Credit: potterybarn.com via Pinterest

Millennials are also being recognized in the current era. In the verge of work load and technology, desks are now back in the pipeline to create emphasis on its usage as part of the home and people who work at home. Designs and other decorations for desk are all encouraged to set the theme of workspace at home. Desk designs can range from the old classic 60’s look with burst of colors and texture or the modern looking desk in metallic shades and smart storage spaces.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Materials

Photo Credit: settingforfour.com via Pinterest

Save the environment and if possible, recycle. Eco-friendly and sustainable materials are the future. In 2016, these will boost more and set to create more demand; also to support movements in accordance with climate change. Outdoor awnings made of materials like wood would become a favorite among home owners and interior designers.

Fabric Wall Art

Photo Credit: curbly.com via Pinterest

Artisans are coming back this 2016. Fabric wall art is set to create a cozy feel as home decorations. Whether it will be patterns of floral, stripes, and other shapes, or just plain colors – fabric wall art is adjustable to what theme your home has this New Year.  Bold flower prints and designs, both in small and large sizes will come back as part of the trend. Lines and prints will also be a primary choice when it comes to home décor and accessories.

The year 2016 is a great year for the home decorating and the interior design industry. Prep your homes and be ready to incorporate new styles and trends that will not only make your homes look different but will also transform it to becoming the best home you could ever have for the coming year.


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