It’s Christmas Time: Last-Minute Decorating Tips

A few more days and it is finally Christmas. This call for a few last minute check to be able to make sure that you are not missing anything this year and to ensure that Christmas 2015 would be a spectacular one for you and your family. Not yet done with decorating? Here are some quick and easy ways to catch up with the holidays to make your home celebration ready for these coming festivities.

Photo Credit: Style Estate via Pinterest


Old bits of wrapping paper need not be dumped immediately in the trash can. Kids can cut them down into bits (with your supervision) and sprinkle it across the mantle and tables for the festive look. You can even save them in a box and have them sprinkle around the porch and indoors come Christmas dinner time. You can even use punches in different shapes to create unique confetti for your celebration.

Wire edged ribbons in gold and silver

Gold and silver are festive colors for Christmas that can also last up to the New Year. You can tie fancy bows onto your chairs, windows and even around the plants inside your home as decorations. The mantels and doorways are also areas that you should not forget to decorate during the holidays.

Ginger bread house

Use graham crackers, some frosting, candies and cookies to create your own version of a ginger bread house. You can have this as one of your center pieces in your dining table for Christmas dinner. You can even try to make a replica of your own home out of graham crackers. If you fail to do so, the memory in trying to create something fun and delicious for Christmas is worth the memories.

Decorate with felt

Cut out Christmas symbols out of paper or felt and hang it on gold or silver thread. You can hang it on the curtain rods, lamps, doorways and even outside your porch. You can have paper snowflakes and hang them in groups by your window to look like it is snowing indoors. There are many templates available online to choose from if you are not confident with your drawing skills.

Stamp holiday cheers onto your windows

You can stamp holiday symbols on your windows. You can also stick a few ornaments to make your windows standout this holiday season. You can easily remove them later with dish washing or liquid soap. Christmas stockings, Christmas greetings and snowflakes would look great on your windows. Use a non-abrasive pad when cleaning them up to prevent from scratching your windows.

Have a blast without having to hurt your budget as you decorate your homes this season with the budget-friendly decorating tips above.


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