Top Home Decorating Trends We’ve Seen This 2015

The year 2015 was a very stunning and creative year for the home design and interior decorating market. From the modern to the traditional to the contemporary look, home design has managed to incorporate security, function and comfort without having to compromise style in this year’s home decorating trends. In accordance, what trended in 2015 can still possibly continue in the New Year to come – especially in the home interior side. 2015 designs are the benchmark for 2016 interior trends with a touch of some renovations, innovations, and other creative executions.

To get a glimpse of what homes looked like this 2015, here are some of the home decorations that trended:

The Greek Blue Color

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

This color reminded everyone the Mediterranean period and churches in Santorini. The Greek blue color provided a fresh, neat, and classy look in homes this year. A very minimal decorations but created a larger contrast of how the house look like. Blue has always been associated with the calming effects that it brings plus the regal look that incorporates in the walls and furnishings that it covers. The interior design industry will still welcome blue hues in home design this coming 2016. Cheap vertical blinds in hues of blue will look classy and perfect for any home.

The 60s

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

History repeats itself. This 2015, the era of the 60s was back with a little innovation and a modern feel. From color trends to furniture and fixtures, 60s has remained classy and luxurious. Floral prints in big and small sizes are also expected to return and will be seen in most homes as the year ends overlapping to the year 2016.

Patterns and Prints

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

In fashion, patterns and prints also trended and thus worked also in home decorating ideas. From pillow cases, curtains, blankets to the smallest coasters and placemats, patterns and prints have been utilized. These designs gave a creative and jazzy feel at home when playfully implemented – can be colorful, neutral and at breeze. Exotic designs and intricate lines are also a favorite option when it comes to patterns and prints this year.

Sculptural Candles

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Candles can still make it big this time around. With various shapes, designs and sizes, candles can make a center table be theme-ready for any season at home. Scented is also part of the deal that made this home piece a hit this 2015. Candles are also favorite accessories inside bedrooms and bathrooms, thus the need of infusing relaxing scents into them. This trend is expected to still be in demand up to the year 2016.


Photo Credit: via Pinterest

This color also went by with patterns and prints, but majority of the time served as plain and in combination of other home accessories. Pastels gave the light feel for the home; it created a light and soothing accent to home pieces that made the area more relaxing, simple and neat. Colors like pink and lavender are also set to dominate interior decorating trends in the upcoming New Year.


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