Early 2016 Home Decorating Predictions

The year 2015 is about to conclude and welcome 2016. With only a few days left towards the New Year ahead, a lot of home decorating styles are already being considered by many to welcome the 2016 in place. A lot might be an upgrade of what 2015 has been but there are new good decoration ideas that will make 2016 the best year in home and decorating.

Are you worried about splurging your budget so early this 2016? Relax and take a breather because some of the design trends from 2015 will crossover the New year with just a little upgrade or no additional changes at all.

Here is some of the 2016 home decorating hits that everyone has started eyeing on

Shades of Pink, Red “Meat,” or Peach

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New colors are up and coming and started to look more vibrant. Shades of pink, red “meat,” or peach are the predicted to be the new trends that will make interior home designs in the groove for the year 2016. Edgy styles associated with the aforementioned colors are also in. Blue hues will continue to be part of what’s in for 2016 as well as metallic colors like gold, platinum, bronze and silver.

Minimalistic Usage of Space

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Clutter be gone is what 2016 upholds. Home trends are into being minimalist and less usage of space to provide neater look and widen what was left for the home area.  With millenials busy with their careers and lives, it would be practical and more easier to maintain a home free of clutter and with just enough of the basic furniture, equipped with function and style.

Desk Usage

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Millennials are also being recognized in the current era. In the verge of work load and technology, desks are now back in the pipeline to create emphasis on its usage as part of the home and people who work at home. Designs and other decorations for desk are all encouraged to set the theme of workspace at home. Desk designs can range from the old classic 60’s look with burst of colors and texture or the modern looking desk in metallic shades and smart storage spaces.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Materials

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Save the environment and if possible, recycle. Eco-friendly and sustainable materials are the future. In 2016, these will boost more and set to create more demand; also to support movements in accordance with climate change. Outdoor awnings made of materials like wood would become a favorite among home owners and interior designers.

Fabric Wall Art

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Artisans are coming back this 2016. Fabric wall art is set to create a cozy feel as home decorations. Whether it will be patterns of floral, stripes, and other shapes, or just plain colors – fabric wall art is adjustable to what theme your home has this New Year.  Bold flower prints and designs, both in small and large sizes will come back as part of the trend. Lines and prints will also be a primary choice when it comes to home décor and accessories.

The year 2016 is a great year for the home decorating and the interior design industry. Prep your homes and be ready to incorporate new styles and trends that will not only make your homes look different but will also transform it to becoming the best home you could ever have for the coming year.


It’s Christmas Time: Last-Minute Decorating Tips

A few more days and it is finally Christmas. This call for a few last minute check to be able to make sure that you are not missing anything this year and to ensure that Christmas 2015 would be a spectacular one for you and your family. Not yet done with decorating? Here are some quick and easy ways to catch up with the holidays to make your home celebration ready for these coming festivities.

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Old bits of wrapping paper need not be dumped immediately in the trash can. Kids can cut them down into bits (with your supervision) and sprinkle it across the mantle and tables for the festive look. You can even save them in a box and have them sprinkle around the porch and indoors come Christmas dinner time. You can even use punches in different shapes to create unique confetti for your celebration.

Wire edged ribbons in gold and silver

Gold and silver are festive colors for Christmas that can also last up to the New Year. You can tie fancy bows onto your chairs, windows and even around the plants inside your home as decorations. The mantels and doorways are also areas that you should not forget to decorate during the holidays.

Ginger bread house

Use graham crackers, some frosting, candies and cookies to create your own version of a ginger bread house. You can have this as one of your center pieces in your dining table for Christmas dinner. You can even try to make a replica of your own home out of graham crackers. If you fail to do so, the memory in trying to create something fun and delicious for Christmas is worth the memories.

Decorate with felt

Cut out Christmas symbols out of paper or felt and hang it on gold or silver thread. You can hang it on the curtain rods, lamps, doorways and even outside your porch. You can have paper snowflakes and hang them in groups by your window to look like it is snowing indoors. There are many templates available online to choose from if you are not confident with your drawing skills.

Stamp holiday cheers onto your windows

You can stamp holiday symbols on your windows. You can also stick a few ornaments to make your windows standout this holiday season. You can easily remove them later with dish washing or liquid soap. Christmas stockings, Christmas greetings and snowflakes would look great on your windows. Use a non-abrasive pad when cleaning them up to prevent from scratching your windows.

Have a blast without having to hurt your budget as you decorate your homes this season with the budget-friendly decorating tips above.

Top Home Decorating Trends We’ve Seen This 2015

The year 2015 was a very stunning and creative year for the home design and interior decorating market. From the modern to the traditional to the contemporary look, home design has managed to incorporate security, function and comfort without having to compromise style in this year’s home decorating trends. In accordance, what trended in 2015 can still possibly continue in the New Year to come – especially in the home interior side. 2015 designs are the benchmark for 2016 interior trends with a touch of some renovations, innovations, and other creative executions.

To get a glimpse of what homes looked like this 2015, here are some of the home decorations that trended:

The Greek Blue Color

Photo Credit: iheartorganizing.blogspot.com via Pinterest

This color reminded everyone the Mediterranean period and churches in Santorini. The Greek blue color provided a fresh, neat, and classy look in homes this year. A very minimal decorations but created a larger contrast of how the house look like. Blue has always been associated with the calming effects that it brings plus the regal look that incorporates in the walls and furnishings that it covers. The interior design industry will still welcome blue hues in home design this coming 2016. Cheap vertical blinds in hues of blue will look classy and perfect for any home.

The 60s

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History repeats itself. This 2015, the era of the 60s was back with a little innovation and a modern feel. From color trends to furniture and fixtures, 60s has remained classy and luxurious. Floral prints in big and small sizes are also expected to return and will be seen in most homes as the year ends overlapping to the year 2016.

Patterns and Prints

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In fashion, patterns and prints also trended and thus worked also in home decorating ideas. From pillow cases, curtains, blankets to the smallest coasters and placemats, patterns and prints have been utilized. These designs gave a creative and jazzy feel at home when playfully implemented – can be colorful, neutral and at breeze. Exotic designs and intricate lines are also a favorite option when it comes to patterns and prints this year.

Sculptural Candles

Photo Credit: hative.com via Pinterest

Candles can still make it big this time around. With various shapes, designs and sizes, candles can make a center table be theme-ready for any season at home. Scented is also part of the deal that made this home piece a hit this 2015. Candles are also favorite accessories inside bedrooms and bathrooms, thus the need of infusing relaxing scents into them. This trend is expected to still be in demand up to the year 2016.


Photo Credit: startathome.blogspot.com via Pinterest

This color also went by with patterns and prints, but majority of the time served as plain and in combination of other home accessories. Pastels gave the light feel for the home; it created a light and soothing accent to home pieces that made the area more relaxing, simple and neat. Colors like pink and lavender are also set to dominate interior decorating trends in the upcoming New Year.

Gift Wrapping Made Easy

The holidays are really approaching very fast and you may have already finished all your holiday shopping by now. With that in mind, it is definitely time to start wrapping up all those pretty presents! Gift wrapping offers a lot of fun, especially with the kids involved. For some, it may be a daunting and intimidating Christmas chore, especially if you have a lot of gifts to wrap and with little time in your hands. This year, make your Christmas wrapping activity a fun and creative one with this easy gift wrapping tips.

Pick a theme for your wrapping paper

Photo Credit: A Burst of Beautiful via Pinterest

To make your wrapping session a fun one, stick with a theme that you enjoy. Do you like the color red and green to stand out under your Christmas tree? Buy gift wrappers in shade of red and green for your gifts. You can even use them to assign codes for your gifts. Red are for girls and green are for boys. The quality of the gift wrapper that you are about to use should also be a factor. You do not want several torn up papers wasted and thrown on the trash can right? A thicker wrapping paper will prevent less ripping and damages especially for wrapping gifts that comes in strange sizes and shapes.

Make use of the items boxes

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It is easier to wrap gifts and boxes. Most items, bought in the store usually come with a box. Ask the sales lady if the items that you bought have boxes. Items like clothing can be lumpy and unstable to work on when it comes to gift wrapping. The same is true with items that come in different shapes. A box will definitely make it easier for you when it’s time for wrapping these items.

Go green with recycling

Photo Credit: Ansel and Grant via Pinterest


You can use the gift wrappers that you have saved from last year’s gift wrapping session as well as the ones that came from the gifts that you receive. You can also purchase cheaper gift wrapping alternatives like recycled kraft papers. There are many ways to dress up your gifts even with inexpensive gift wrappers. You can add a ribbon or twine a piece of twig to accessorize your presents. A pinecone looks great on gift boxes too instead of the usual styled ribbons.

Do not forget to remove the price tags

Photo Credit: Frohundfrau via Pinterest

It never hurts to double check of you have already removed the price tag of your gift. It may send a wrong impression or a comedic experience if your gift receiver happens to see the price tag still attached onto her gift. It would be better to use scissors in removing tags instead of pulling them off. You can also use a black marker to cover the price instead of peeling the sticker out.

Tag as you wrap

Photo Credit: Southern Savers via Pinterest

It would be better to attach the gift tag onto your gifts as soon as you finish wrapping. You do not want to end up guessing what’s inside a box that you have wrapped earlier. Have a gift list as well. Cross out the names or items that you are already done with to be able to double check which items are already done and which are not.

Simply follow the tips to make your gift wrapping activity a hassle and stress-free experience this 2015.

5 Cool Christmas Decorating Tips

Be ready to set your homes in holiday mode by starting your decorating activities today. Include the whole family to experience the spirit of holidays as early as this November as you put up the Christmas tree and begin stashing gifts at the bottom. Set the holiday scene indoors and outdoors for that complete and really exciting feel that comes with the Christmas celebrations.

Here are some cool Christmas decorating tips you can follow to start with the festivities and the fun for the holiday season.

Photo Credit: blog.styleestate.com via Pinterest

Prepare a Christmas decorating plan

It is very important for the whole family to agree on a specific decorating theme for the holidays. Have a group meeting over dinner and ask family members about their ideas on how to decorate your homes this year for Christmas. With everyone involved, you’ll see a lot of helping hands ready to assist you during the decorating process. You might even discover the hidden decorating and creative talents your kids have while conceptualizing for a design.

Start decorating from the outdoors

Set the vibe by starting your decorating activities outdoors. Hang Christmas lights around your bushes, set up the Christmas wreath onto your main door and start installing tassels and garlands onto your window sills. The whole family can practically join in prepping your outdoors for this coming holiday season on a weekend. You’ll be surprised by how fast and efficient things will be with the whole family eager to help with the design process.

Create a warm welcome

As you continue decorating inside the house, you should also start paying attention with your entry ways. It would be better to feel the warmth of Christmas as soon as you enter your homes. A beautiful center piece placed near your front door or a pile of gifts placed in a corner of your patio would set the mood for Christmas and gift giving. Don’t forget the mistletoe and the sparkly Christmas balls to create a pleasing impression for anyone who is about to enter your homes.

Put extra effort inside your living room

A beautiful Christmas tree is always the center stage for Christmas. Place this in the living room adorned with colorful lights and greeneries. A Christmas wreath placed above the fireplace would also look so stunning. Since your living room will be the main room for the family this Christmas, it would be better to add a little more sparkle and dazzle to this area compared to the rest of the house. Tie big yellow ribbon around your table lamps, add Christmas lights around the area and you can even have Christmas symbols printed on your pillowcases. A nice Christmas tune would also set the mood on Christmas day when played in this area. Color your curtains rods with platinum or gold for an extra modern vibe this Christmas, You can even check curtain rods online if there are other colors available suited for your Christmas decor theme.

Bring the celebration to your garden and backyards, too!

Do not stop with your home front and indoors when it comes to Christmas decorating. You should take time to decorate your garden and your backyards too. Rustic aluminum containers placed on the doors, your porch and stairs will also offer an interesting Christmas appeal for your homes. Hang Christmas lamps with electrically operated Christmas lights to have a nice spot at Christmas night where you can simply adore the beauty of the night. Decorate your garden by simply adding red and green ribbons around your bushes and flower beds. Read Amaryllis blooms and berries would also look great as centerpieces you can locate on your favorite barbeque pits at home.

Your home can definitely exude the Christmas spirit, not only with the decorations that you have installed in your homes but with the love and support that your family exchanged not only this Christmas but in each and every day of the year.