Here’s Some of My Most Favorite Home Bloggers

We all want a beautiful home and believe me, I am really striving really hard to provide my family with something close to that. Having a dream house is not on my list. Having a home where my husbands and kids would love to go home to every end of the day is what I want the most. This is the same thing that I saw with the ladies behind the beautiful and inspiring home decorating blogs that I have bumped into online. From homemakers to moms and to full time bloggers, these ladies definitely took the plunge and swam with might to achieve the dream home that they now enjoy together with their family.

Here is a look into these lovely blogs you should find time to visit.

decorating diva

The Decorating Diva is indeed the Diva when it comes to home decorating ideas that are stylish and grand. The lady behind the blog is no other than design insider and interior editor Carmen Natschke, an authority when it comes to sleek, beautiful and stylish interior design.

Her blog is basically a collection of home décor photos and style inspirations that are above the average. If you are into modern and traditionally designed homes with a touch of class and majesty, this blog is definitely worth browsing. Dreamlike homes with massive bedrooms, high ceilings, intricate chandeliers, delicately designed accessories and regally colored dwelling areas are what you get to enjoy inside her blog. Every piece of home decorating is touched by her own unique personal style that is definitely world class. You can definitely get a lot of inspiration when it comes to styles and trends via this blog.

decor chick

The Décor Chick, on the other hand, will take your breath away with her unique, budget-friendl,y and cool home décor and DIY design ideas via her blog.  She never expected her blog to be as big as it is now but thanks to the encouragement that she got from her husband and massive skills in writing, her blog is one of the top decorating blogs in the internet nowadays.

Emily launched her blog back in 2010, and according to her, “It was really a leap of faith, with a little nudge from God and my husband to start it.” She considers the success of her blog a true blessing. She loves home decorating and interior design and was hooked with magazines and shows featuring old ugly furniture into superb looking ones. With a knack for thrift stores and yard sales, one will definitely get a lot of deals and ideas on where to buy cool stuffs for your home even on a tight budget. She also loves transforming things into beautiful objects, a talent that she is really good at. I really feel empowered that I can do great and create beautiful things thanks to the inspiration that her blog radiates.

nesting place

The Nester is another favorite blog of mine. Myquilyn, the brain behind this wonderful blog, admits that she dropped out from a design school but has managed to take a week-long course, making her a certified home stager and redesigner. She definitely has the skills and experience and has already successfully designed several homes. Her husband is an entrepreneur so her family has the luxury of being together most of the time.

What I love about the blog is that you get to see a lot of aspects when it comes to home living. Myquilyn has moved into several homes, apartments and condos, so she definitely has a lot of insights to share on a specific type of home a reader has. What I love about her is that she makes wise decisions about furniture and other accessories for the home. She gives you a rather more realistic idea on which items are worth the splurge and which are not for your homes.

Whether you enjoy shopping on a budget for home décor, doing DIY home décor projects by yourself or a smart shopper, you will definitely enjoy browsing through the web pages of these lovely ladies.


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