My Most Fave Home Bloggers Part 2

There are tons of home decorating blogs out there but only a few manage to stand out. Hopefully, mine will in the near future. As for now, I try my best to write as much helpful information and interesting stories I can share in terms of my home decorating adventures at home. However, it helps to get inspiration from the seasoned home decorating bloggers on the web.

Here are a few of my favorite home decorating blogs online.

a pop of pretty

A Pop of Pretty is a light-hearted and cool blog you can browse for simple yet beautiful home decorating tips and advice. Kerri is the blogger behind this wonderful website and it is the place to be for tips, tutorials, and inspiration to style your home.

As a child, Kerri was fond of decorating her Barbie house. She later on decided to create a blog out of whip, during her maternal leave with her twins. She got tired being in business school and working in an ad agency fulfilling a marketing career. A blog was definitely the creative outlet she was looking for. With decorating on her blog, it was very easy for her to share on hand experiences and gathered information and ideas on how to decorate one’s home. As a mother myself, it is nice to hear personal stories from a mom like myself. If you are up for French designed homes, this is the best place to be.

material girls

The Material Girls Blog is another interesting site to visit under the home decorating theme. The blog is being run by several writers from different places such as Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York and several other places where its contributors are located.

Tips and advice from real designers when it comes to the newest and most interesting design trends all over America is what you get to enjoy via this blog. Sprinkled with a touch of pop culture, this blog is the best source for modern design inspirations that are also great on the budget. Big deals from these different cities are often featured in the blog making it a haven for home shoppers who are looking forward to deals and discounts on their dream items for their homes. A daily dose of blogging inspiration and ideas can be enjoyed through the pages of this blog.

If you are looking for a balance between being a mom, a wife, home making and fitness, the House of Rose Blog is the best blog for you. Go over her Home Tour and you will definitely fall in love with her place, Mandy Rose, the brain child behind the blog shares her story about her life and how she manages to create equilibrium in her career and her duties as a mom and as a wife.

“I want to show you how to love the life you’re already living”, this is what Mandy wants her reader to enjoy throughout the pages of her blog. She doesn’t believe in a perfect home, being with the family you love is her perfect definition of what perfect is. Her main aim is to create a place where her family can be and feel at their best, at all times. Thus improving and making her home a place to embrace her family has always been her advocacy in life. Love the life that you are already living. This is what you’ll get and more via this blog.

a beautiful mess

A Beautiful Mess is indeed what you will get to enjoy via Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman’s website. Creating happiness at home is what this website is for and you will definitely get a good dose of it via their pages.

Readers will also get to enjoy recipes, crafts and a lot of home décor projects that may suit your needs and cravings at home. Several books have already branched out via this website which includes A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book and A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home. DIY projects are also common articles included in the website so you will have a lot of ideas to try while reading though their pages. The website is also made of a group of dedicated individuals, each working on a specific duty of their own. You can enjoy new articles daily because the team has several contributors under their belt.

Hopefully you’ll get to learn a couple of things or even more through these wonderful home decorating blogs that I love to read.


Starting the Green Revolution at Your Home

Start green living and help the environment get back into shape by starting in your own homes. Going green is not as complicated as you think it is. There are many simple and easy ways to do to live green and live simply. You do not necessarily have to install solar panels on your roof to be considered as a supporter of the Green Revolution, simply begin today, with simple steps, one at a time to contribute in saving the environment.

Tune up your car

Take good care of your car to avoid producing smokes and other dangerous chemicals that is dangerous for your health and environment when released. You do not necessarily have to buy a hybrid car to go green. Keeping the car you have in top shape and condition can do as much help to the environment too. Regular maintenance and tune-ups will keep them running efficiently for years.

Check out meals and treats on the organic section

Some may see organic food as expensive, but the bottom line is, it’s worth the price. It is healthier, fewer pesticides were used to produce these items and is friendlier for the environment. Even when on a budget, there are still delicious and healthy organic foods available out there that will suit your palates as well.

Recycle a thing or two

Recycling is already being considered as mandatory in several places but it would be ideal for this method to be done everywhere. Imagine how much raw materials and landfills would be emptied if people only knew how to manage their waste and recycle efficiently. You can start recycling plastic bottles at home for starters. As you manage to instill the method of recycling in your home, you can also start recycling other objects in the house like glass bottles, metals and papers. Even with this little changes and disciplines practiced at home, helping, even how little it may seem to be makes a difference.

Turn down the thermostat and air conditioning

Save in cooling and heating costs by having blinds at home. Simply open them up during the day to allow natural air to enter your homes and draw them close at night to keep your homes cozy. Timber pelmets can also be installed into your windows to keep the cool air indoors or the heat from entering your homes. Window treatments are not as expensive as you think they are and the benefits of using them are almost countless.

Take a walk

Outdoor activities is not only good for your health but with the environment as well. Take the stairs to work, ride a bike when doing errands around the village or walk going home instead of taking a taxi. You’ll save money in the process and will get the chance to stop and enjoy the view ahead. You cut down energy costs while staying in shape in the process. Walking also allows you to have time to really see how the environment has change and motivates you to do better to bring it back to its former glory.

Here are more tips on how you can join the Green Revolution right at the comfort of your homes.

going green
Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Here’s Some of My Most Favorite Home Bloggers

We all want a beautiful home and believe me, I am really striving really hard to provide my family with something close to that. Having a dream house is not on my list. Having a home where my husbands and kids would love to go home to every end of the day is what I want the most. This is the same thing that I saw with the ladies behind the beautiful and inspiring home decorating blogs that I have bumped into online. From homemakers to moms and to full time bloggers, these ladies definitely took the plunge and swam with might to achieve the dream home that they now enjoy together with their family.

Here is a look into these lovely blogs you should find time to visit.

decorating diva

The Decorating Diva is indeed the Diva when it comes to home decorating ideas that are stylish and grand. The lady behind the blog is no other than design insider and interior editor Carmen Natschke, an authority when it comes to sleek, beautiful and stylish interior design.

Her blog is basically a collection of home décor photos and style inspirations that are above the average. If you are into modern and traditionally designed homes with a touch of class and majesty, this blog is definitely worth browsing. Dreamlike homes with massive bedrooms, high ceilings, intricate chandeliers, delicately designed accessories and regally colored dwelling areas are what you get to enjoy inside her blog. Every piece of home decorating is touched by her own unique personal style that is definitely world class. You can definitely get a lot of inspiration when it comes to styles and trends via this blog.

decor chick

The Décor Chick, on the other hand, will take your breath away with her unique, budget-friendl,y and cool home décor and DIY design ideas via her blog.  She never expected her blog to be as big as it is now but thanks to the encouragement that she got from her husband and massive skills in writing, her blog is one of the top decorating blogs in the internet nowadays.

Emily launched her blog back in 2010, and according to her, “It was really a leap of faith, with a little nudge from God and my husband to start it.” She considers the success of her blog a true blessing. She loves home decorating and interior design and was hooked with magazines and shows featuring old ugly furniture into superb looking ones. With a knack for thrift stores and yard sales, one will definitely get a lot of deals and ideas on where to buy cool stuffs for your home even on a tight budget. She also loves transforming things into beautiful objects, a talent that she is really good at. I really feel empowered that I can do great and create beautiful things thanks to the inspiration that her blog radiates.

nesting place

The Nester is another favorite blog of mine. Myquilyn, the brain behind this wonderful blog, admits that she dropped out from a design school but has managed to take a week-long course, making her a certified home stager and redesigner. She definitely has the skills and experience and has already successfully designed several homes. Her husband is an entrepreneur so her family has the luxury of being together most of the time.

What I love about the blog is that you get to see a lot of aspects when it comes to home living. Myquilyn has moved into several homes, apartments and condos, so she definitely has a lot of insights to share on a specific type of home a reader has. What I love about her is that she makes wise decisions about furniture and other accessories for the home. She gives you a rather more realistic idea on which items are worth the splurge and which are not for your homes.

Whether you enjoy shopping on a budget for home décor, doing DIY home décor projects by yourself or a smart shopper, you will definitely enjoy browsing through the web pages of these lovely ladies.