Spooky Halloween Decorating Tips Part 2

Halloween brings the kid in every one of us. We either enjoy the feeling of scaring the little kids as payback for all the scary stuff we had to handle as kids back then, or we simply enjoy dressing up and looking like a monster at least once a year. When the air starts to cool and pumpkins start to appear on the grocery store shelves, it’s a definite sign that the Halloween festivities are indeed near.

Halloween decorations and décor may be readily available in stores nowadays, but nothing compares to the accomplishment one feels after successfully carving one nasty and frightening Jack-o-lantern after several failed attempts. The feeling of being able to become a mad scientist for the weekend and cook up a really gory decoration for your front porch is definitely worth the effort and experience.

So save up your dollars for gift-giving this coming Christmas and check out this budget-friendly and easy-to-do decorations for your Halloween event.

  1.    Backyard Cemetery
Photo Credit: This Silly Girls Life via Pinterest --https://www.pinterest.com/pin/19069998397898779/
Photo Credit: This Silly Girls Life via Pinterest

Why shy away from your backyard when it comes to Halloween decorations? Bring in friends during the weekend for some barbecue and show off your backyard cemetery to them. Simply cut out papers or cardboard to look like worn out and ageing tombstones. Better yet, you can make one out of wood and paint it with varnish or black paint and reuse it for next year’s Halloween.

  1.    Haunted trees
Photo Credit : Art Ekstraks via Pinterest -- https://www.pinterest.com/pin/193936327680651598/
Photo Credit : Art Ekstraks via Pinterest

Place some ghouls on your trees or hang spooky faces to scare your neighbors. If you want to go daring, you can hang the heads of your old dolls and stuffed toys for that creepier effect. Light them up with electric flickering candle lights for a more spooky effect. You can even go as far as putting a battery operated radio on your tree and let haunting soundtracks play in the area at night.

  1.    Jack-O-Lanterns
Photo Credit: Cot Cozy via Pinterest -- https://www.pinterest.com/pin/572379433862580778/
Photo Credit: Cot Cozy via Pinterest

Jack-O-Lanterns are a must during the Halloween season. It is a staple so the Halloween feast would be incomplete without them. Hobby and craft stores sell artificial pumpkins that can be used for next season. However, nothing beats the authentic feel of a real pumpkin for Halloween. Lacking in skills when it comes to carving? You could paste eyes and bolts onto your pumpkins to create your Jack-O-Lantern. It’s less time consuming as well.

  1.    Coffin Cooler
Photo Credit: North Man Party Vamps via Pinterest --https://www.pinterest.com/pin/152559506099024072/
Photo Credit: North Man Party Vamps via Pinterest

With some carpentry skills, you can create your own life-sized coffin and use it in several possible ways. You can place styrofoam along the side of your coffin and turn it into a cooler. Your Halloween party would definitely be the coolest if people see your improvised coffin and cooler in one. You can even use it as a planter afterwards or a place where you can keep the rest of your Halloween decorations neatly kept for next year’s Halloween season.

  1.    Ghost Lit walkway
Photo Credit: Cute DIY Projects via Pinterest -- https://www.pinterest.com/pin/83527768066600425/
Photo Credit: Cute DIY Projects via Pinterest

Simply cover your outdoor light bulbs with painted white cloth or with faces of ghouls and aligned them side to side in your walkway. It will look like Christmas Lights with a spooky appeal.

Whether you’re in for some trick-or-treating or if you simply enjoy telling ghost stories by the campfire, having a yard full of ghouls and other scary icons of Halloween is an event and experience you can constantly recall with your families and love ones.


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