Spooky Halloween Decorating Tips for Your Home

Fall is one of the most looked forward to seasons in the year, mainly because Halloween is just around the block. It is really great to dress up at home and decorate the house with Halloween-inspired décor. Halloween for me is a time for magic and pretend, a time to scare and adore children in their cutest or most horrible costumes while busy hopping from one house to another for trick and treating. If you would ask me, I like a mix of creepy and pretty for Halloween.

Every year, I usually decorate the living area and the front porch with Halloween décor. There are many goodies and decoration readily available at the specialty stores nowadays but I prefer the manual and DIY home décor for my home. My sweet tooth cravings are usually in overdrive when it comes to Halloween so you’ll definitely see a lot of sweets and treats included in my home decorations for this kind of festivity. This year, I am sticking with the classic orange and black theme together with some shades of green and gold to add a vibrant color to my not so spooky Halloween decoration.

Treats for Kids

To add some flair and drama to simple treats like my homemade chocolate bars, I also placed hard candies inside my Apothecary Jars. Yes, I am giving away apothecary jars filled with candies, treats, small toys and stickers for the kids in the neighborhood. I got these nice mason jars for a really good discounted prize allowing me to give something special to kids this year.

Indoor Design

Photo Credit: Liluna via Pinterest -- https://www.pinterest.com/pin/82190761925402298/
Photo Credit: Liluna via Pinterest

I removed the family pictures on our gallery wall this year and replaced them with creepy framed bugs and birds together. To scare my kids from eating all the cookies inside my trick and treat jars, I decided to place a creepy white ghoul seated near our entrance. Black roses (plastic ones) completed the Creepy Halloween look inside.

In our living room, I really took the time to carve a large Jack-O-Lantern and placed flickering lights inside to complete the eerie look. I have changed the light bulb inside with black light and will use it during out family bonding over a horror movie at Halloween night. I am thinking of having a “Chuckie” marathon on Halloween night with the whole family.

Outdoor Design

Photo Credit: Homeedit via Pinterest -- https://www.pinterest.com/pin/176484879121255316/
Photo Credit: Homeedit via Pinterest

Of course, the outdoors is much fun and colorful and interesting for the whole neighborhood to see. I have decided to go all out this year and invested in several Jack-O-Lanterns. I found a size that fits that of my planter boxes so you’ll see flowers and shrubs growing on Jack-O-Lanterns on my yard. And since I won’t be able to place lights inside them, I decided to paint them with glow in the dark eyes for that special effect during night time.

Backyard Party

Photo Credit: Easy Day Syndle via Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/pin/543809723733479556/
Photo Credit: Easy Day Syndle via Pinterest

The backyard is now part of the celebration for this year’s Halloween party. I have decided to build a goblin house, one enough to fit around 5 kids at the back of my yard for the children to enjoy during the weekend. I have placed a small inflatable pool inside where glowing bubbles are also featured. I have also placed a few tombstones in the area, but with funny skulls instead of scary cobwebs for the kids to take pictures at and share with friends.

This year’s Halloween decorating frenzy really took a lot of my time but seeing my kids eyes glow in anticipation as I let them go out and check out the yard is priceless and definitely worth all my efforts.


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