These Are the Coolest Home Decorating Trends I’ve Found so Far

If you are anything like me, I tend to have certain tastes when it comes to decorating my home. Now I must admit that I am a little squeamish when it comes to choosing trends to decorate my abode.

There are certain trends out there that I like and that I find would work well for most homes. I have scoured the internet for the coolest home decorating trends and I have come up with a list of those that would definitely brighten up every home.

Decorative jars

Photo Credit: Craft Cuts via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Craft Cuts via Pinterest

This is perhaps the easiest DIY project I have found that would certainly appeal to everyone wanting to spice up their home. I find that taking some different sized jars and some colored stones (or even some Christmas ornament balls) would make for a pretty candleholder. These would also make for an interesting centerpiece.

Brightly colored pillows

Photo Credit: One Kings Lane via Pinterest
Photo Credit: One Kings Lane via Pinterest

A pop of color will always make the furniture stand out. One cheap way to add life to your living room furniture is to get some throw pillows in a contrasting hue. Better yet choose a cool pattern that would stand out. This will add life to the room.

Use Stencil art on the walls

Photo Credit: Home Sthetics via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Home Sthetics via Pinterest

If you find that painting the room is all too boring, why not stencil it? Take some of those patterns you find in art shops and color away. You could also ask your children to try their hand at drawing and draw on the walls. I find it to be a great way to work on their creativity.  

Bright colored window shutters

Photo Credit: Remodelholic via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Remodelholic via Pinterest

Privacy is a big issue for me. I try to shy away from the public as much as I can when I am at home. Closed window blinds are something that my household is used to. However despite shying away from the outdoors I still try to make things fun and creative. After I consider installing window shutters at home, I decided to create a twist with its design. I have painted it with flowers, the Sakura, a favorite Japanese inspired icon I love. This creates a very calming effect for me. And of course, I get the chance to boast about it whenever friends and relatives come around.

Intricate lighting fixtures

Photo Credit: Odd Matters Studio via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Odd Matters Studio via Pinterest

Illumination at home is a big thing for me. Thus lighting fixtures is one of my favorites. I am not the chandelier loving type but I love lamps and different sized and shaped bulbs for my home. Last year I have decided to install pin lights for my living area and I am loving it. I also have this lovely wall lamps installed in the façade of my home that is usually turned on at night. Several of my neighbors have already asked me where I bought those lovely pieces.

Whether you are up for the cool and trendy design for your home or you stick with the traditional types, having a home that provides you with comfort at the end of the day is the best home for any family.


Choosing Classic Styles for your Home Decorating Job

They say that nothing beats a classic. This is true when it comes to decorating your home. If you want to stay away from the more garish colors or trends, the classic style is best for you.

Timeless styles are enduring and can give your home the quiet elegance that many modern trends cannot bring. However there are certain rules into incorporating that classic look into your home that would actually make it work instead of making it look tired and dated.

Make the classic look that is functional and sensible

Photo Credit: Classic Home via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Classic Home via Pinterest

The timeless look is not over the top but it also isn’t boring. The classic look is also as functional as it is sensible. In order to create this form of functionality, don’t go for busy patterns in loud colors. Choose those in conservative hues and classic prints. Invest in classic pieces that would add a sense of the past into your home.

Choose traditional colors

Photo Credit: Coto de Texas via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Coto de Texas via Pinterest

When achieving a classic look, it is best to stick to conservative colors such as cream or dark green. These hues will not only mesh well with the design of the room but the colors would generally work well in any light. They would also co-exist with the surroundings. Most colors that are attributed with the classic design are earth and neutral colors as well as bold ones like gold, black, white and red.

Eliminate clutter

Photo Credit: House Beautiful via Pinterest
Photo Credit: House Beautiful via Pinterest

If you want to achieve the classic look for your home, eliminate clutter by getting rid of the knick-knacks and whatnot. Use natural materials for your home such as wood and stone. When going for the classic look, remember that less is more and that simplicity will always be key.  


Photo Credit: Arts and Classy via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Arts and Classy via Pinterest

The classic design has always leaned into the symmetrical side of design. To be able to achieve so, a central point should always be considered and will serve as the guide on how the symmetry will be achieved in one’s design. For example a painting placed between two windows is considered as the center or focal point of a design. Installing two blackout blinds on opposites sides of the painting, a shade lighter or darker than the painting itself creates balance and symmetry in the design. You can browse blackout blinds on the web to find a color or material that will suit your needs and style.

Grand and statement furniture

Photo Credit: Laurel Bern Interiors via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Laurel Bern Interiors via Pinterest

Classical designed homes are often highlighted with grand and enormous furniture. Space is lucrative when it comes to classically themed homes, thus there is more room for bold and bigger furniture. Gold is often a favorite theme when it comes to the color of furniture in the classic design. These usually come with large center tables, intricately designed edges and corners. Chandeliers are also a favorite accessories when it comes to the traditional design. Big and bright chandeliers, often located on the living area, stairs and the dining room are the most common basic design concepts for classically designed homes.

As for other statement furniture and décor, big vases, porcelain, china wares and even grand pianos are often included in the list. Like what I have said earlier, grand and marvelous pieces of furniture and décor are often included in the classic design.

Whether you are lucky enough to go all out for your classically ornate home or can manipulate space and achieve a grand effect despite the lack of space, home decorating, the classic way is one of the best experience for any home maker.

Spooky Halloween Decorating Tips Part 2

Halloween brings the kid in every one of us. We either enjoy the feeling of scaring the little kids as payback for all the scary stuff we had to handle as kids back then, or we simply enjoy dressing up and looking like a monster at least once a year. When the air starts to cool and pumpkins start to appear on the grocery store shelves, it’s a definite sign that the Halloween festivities are indeed near.

Halloween decorations and décor may be readily available in stores nowadays, but nothing compares to the accomplishment one feels after successfully carving one nasty and frightening Jack-o-lantern after several failed attempts. The feeling of being able to become a mad scientist for the weekend and cook up a really gory decoration for your front porch is definitely worth the effort and experience.

So save up your dollars for gift-giving this coming Christmas and check out this budget-friendly and easy-to-do decorations for your Halloween event.

  1.    Backyard Cemetery
Photo Credit: This Silly Girls Life via Pinterest --
Photo Credit: This Silly Girls Life via Pinterest

Why shy away from your backyard when it comes to Halloween decorations? Bring in friends during the weekend for some barbecue and show off your backyard cemetery to them. Simply cut out papers or cardboard to look like worn out and ageing tombstones. Better yet, you can make one out of wood and paint it with varnish or black paint and reuse it for next year’s Halloween.

  1.    Haunted trees
Photo Credit : Art Ekstraks via Pinterest --
Photo Credit : Art Ekstraks via Pinterest

Place some ghouls on your trees or hang spooky faces to scare your neighbors. If you want to go daring, you can hang the heads of your old dolls and stuffed toys for that creepier effect. Light them up with electric flickering candle lights for a more spooky effect. You can even go as far as putting a battery operated radio on your tree and let haunting soundtracks play in the area at night.

  1.    Jack-O-Lanterns
Photo Credit: Cot Cozy via Pinterest --
Photo Credit: Cot Cozy via Pinterest

Jack-O-Lanterns are a must during the Halloween season. It is a staple so the Halloween feast would be incomplete without them. Hobby and craft stores sell artificial pumpkins that can be used for next season. However, nothing beats the authentic feel of a real pumpkin for Halloween. Lacking in skills when it comes to carving? You could paste eyes and bolts onto your pumpkins to create your Jack-O-Lantern. It’s less time consuming as well.

  1.    Coffin Cooler
Photo Credit: North Man Party Vamps via Pinterest --
Photo Credit: North Man Party Vamps via Pinterest

With some carpentry skills, you can create your own life-sized coffin and use it in several possible ways. You can place styrofoam along the side of your coffin and turn it into a cooler. Your Halloween party would definitely be the coolest if people see your improvised coffin and cooler in one. You can even use it as a planter afterwards or a place where you can keep the rest of your Halloween decorations neatly kept for next year’s Halloween season.

  1.    Ghost Lit walkway
Photo Credit: Cute DIY Projects via Pinterest --
Photo Credit: Cute DIY Projects via Pinterest

Simply cover your outdoor light bulbs with painted white cloth or with faces of ghouls and aligned them side to side in your walkway. It will look like Christmas Lights with a spooky appeal.

Whether you’re in for some trick-or-treating or if you simply enjoy telling ghost stories by the campfire, having a yard full of ghouls and other scary icons of Halloween is an event and experience you can constantly recall with your families and love ones.

Spooky Halloween Decorating Tips for Your Home

Fall is one of the most looked forward to seasons in the year, mainly because Halloween is just around the block. It is really great to dress up at home and decorate the house with Halloween-inspired décor. Halloween for me is a time for magic and pretend, a time to scare and adore children in their cutest or most horrible costumes while busy hopping from one house to another for trick and treating. If you would ask me, I like a mix of creepy and pretty for Halloween.

Every year, I usually decorate the living area and the front porch with Halloween décor. There are many goodies and decoration readily available at the specialty stores nowadays but I prefer the manual and DIY home décor for my home. My sweet tooth cravings are usually in overdrive when it comes to Halloween so you’ll definitely see a lot of sweets and treats included in my home decorations for this kind of festivity. This year, I am sticking with the classic orange and black theme together with some shades of green and gold to add a vibrant color to my not so spooky Halloween decoration.

Treats for Kids

To add some flair and drama to simple treats like my homemade chocolate bars, I also placed hard candies inside my Apothecary Jars. Yes, I am giving away apothecary jars filled with candies, treats, small toys and stickers for the kids in the neighborhood. I got these nice mason jars for a really good discounted prize allowing me to give something special to kids this year.

Indoor Design

Photo Credit: Liluna via Pinterest --
Photo Credit: Liluna via Pinterest

I removed the family pictures on our gallery wall this year and replaced them with creepy framed bugs and birds together. To scare my kids from eating all the cookies inside my trick and treat jars, I decided to place a creepy white ghoul seated near our entrance. Black roses (plastic ones) completed the Creepy Halloween look inside.

In our living room, I really took the time to carve a large Jack-O-Lantern and placed flickering lights inside to complete the eerie look. I have changed the light bulb inside with black light and will use it during out family bonding over a horror movie at Halloween night. I am thinking of having a “Chuckie” marathon on Halloween night with the whole family.

Outdoor Design

Photo Credit: Homeedit via Pinterest --
Photo Credit: Homeedit via Pinterest

Of course, the outdoors is much fun and colorful and interesting for the whole neighborhood to see. I have decided to go all out this year and invested in several Jack-O-Lanterns. I found a size that fits that of my planter boxes so you’ll see flowers and shrubs growing on Jack-O-Lanterns on my yard. And since I won’t be able to place lights inside them, I decided to paint them with glow in the dark eyes for that special effect during night time.

Backyard Party

Photo Credit: Easy Day Syndle via Pinterest -
Photo Credit: Easy Day Syndle via Pinterest

The backyard is now part of the celebration for this year’s Halloween party. I have decided to build a goblin house, one enough to fit around 5 kids at the back of my yard for the children to enjoy during the weekend. I have placed a small inflatable pool inside where glowing bubbles are also featured. I have also placed a few tombstones in the area, but with funny skulls instead of scary cobwebs for the kids to take pictures at and share with friends.

This year’s Halloween decorating frenzy really took a lot of my time but seeing my kids eyes glow in anticipation as I let them go out and check out the yard is priceless and definitely worth all my efforts.