5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home as Safe as Possible for Your Kids

baby on grass
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When was the last time you had to go down on your knees and crawl around the house? My best guess would be the time your child lost his favorite toy. Meanwhile, your kids, especially the little ones, explore around the house on their knees (and probably crawling around the whole day). Kids are very curious and they can spend the whole day exploring the whole of your homes. Thus, it is very crucial to check everything out from their perspective to make sure that they are safe and far from accidents inside your home.

Childproof your home and make it the best and safest place your children can be at. Here are some of the tips you can follow.

  1. Keep choking hazards, toxic materials, and sharp items out of reach
Cleaning Product Organizer
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Clutter around your home is dangerous for your children. Always keep your chemicals stocked in a locked cabinet or securely kept away in the garage. You can store nails and other small tools in storage boxes and keep them tidy by covering them all together with a big piece of blanket. The attic is a great place to tuck away small things and toys that are usually kept cluttered and rarely used in the house. Sharp items can be kept in magnetized walls or stored inside kitchen cabinets. Just make sure that the cabinets are always kept closed or locked and away from your little one’s curious eyes.

  1. Use safety gates
stair gate
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Safety gates prevent your children from crawling around places where they shouldn’t be at. You can have it installed around the living room area so that your kids are just limited to this area of the house. It is also advisable to place this on their bedroom doors to prevent them from crawling discreetly, in case you fail to notice when they are awake and roaming around.

  1. Never leave young kids unattended while taking a bath
Photo credit: Andrew Seaman via Flickr

This rarely happens but for some reason, drowning is one of the fatal accidents that may happen to your kids inside your home. Before getting your kids inside the bathtub, be sure that everything that you will need during and after their bath are already prepared nearby. This will prevent you from having to “quickly” leave your kids unattended while submerged in soap and water. Better yet, always have someone to assist you when taking your kids for a bath for a more secured and safe bathing experience for you and your kids.

  1. Install smoke detectors
smoke detector
Photo credit: Bart via Flickr

Smoke detectors are not only for your kids but for the whole family’s safety. If you do DIY projects at home that involve fire, welding machines, and the likes, it would be better to have smoke detectors inside your homes. It would be ideal to place this on the kitchen and your garage area where most of your combustible chemicals and tools are located. A fire extinguisher securely placed in a strategic position in your home is also advisable.

  1. Keep curtain cords and wires tucked away
Window Blind Crab
Photo credit: Nick Cage via Flickr

Curtains are great accessories for your home. However, you should always keep your blinds and curtain cords away from your children’s reach to avoid strangulation incidents involving your kids. You can even go cordless to prevent this from happening. Why don’t you browse for curtains Melbourne? I highly recommend getting cordless window blinds to reduce the risks of strangulation involving window coverings.

Household injuries are one of the top reasons kids under age 3 visit the ER, and nearly 70% of the children who die from unintentional injuries at home are 4 years old and under. Avoid these horrible accidents and never compromise your child’s safety by keeping your homes clean, organized, and free from clutter.

Supervision is the best way to prevent injuries — in the home and out — but even the most watchful parents can’t keep kids completely out of harm’s way every second of the day. Thus, prevention remains to be the best option for families and homes out there.


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