Upgrade Your Home by Investing in an Outdoor Shed

fence project
Photo credit: rorowe8 via Flickr

With my posts all being about home design and home improvement, you’ve probably been thinking about doing your own home improvement projects as well. Apart from the usual repainting and changing the house’s interior design, another highly recommended home improvement project is building sheds. Sheds have a lot of benefits, and they can also be very useful for you if you have a vacant lot or unused space in your yard. Here in this post, we outline some of the known advantages you can get by investing in a shed-building project for your home.

Home office

Photo credit: thevancats-imagemaker via Flickr

If you work from home or you frequently need to finish your office tasks during the weekend, for example, having an office shed in your yard can serve as a good enough workspace. You can install different amenities you’ll need, such as electric plug outlets for your devices, a ventilation system, as well as a drink or snack station. Your workspace need not be too big – you just have to make sure you get the essentials, like an office table, chair, and a filing cabinet. Just decorate your home office as you prefer so you can make it as comfortable for you as much as possible. Install blockout rollers on your windows for maximized insulation during winter, or opt for outdoor awnings for your small office.

Storage space

storage shed
Photo credit: MSU IPF Facility Information via Flickr

Need for storage space is probably the most popular reason why many homeowners invest in shed homes. If you want to maximize storage space at home and keep your things orderly at the same time, you can build storage sheds right off your yard. A lot of shed types can serve as storage spaces – farm sheds, garage and carports, as well as garden sheds are popular examples of storage sheds. It’s also a great way to organize your equipment, tools, devices, seasonal gardening materials or personal stuff – basically a good option to minimize clutter at home.

Customizable designs

Yellow Shed in the Garden
Photo credit: Elizabeth Anderson via Flickr

You can create a shed any way you want, from its interior design and layout to its outer appearance. However, while you’re basically free to incorporate any design you want, it’s still advisable to at least choose a layout and look that can complement the design of your home and the surrounding neighborhood. Apart from building the shed on your own, you can also choose prefab kits and ready-to-install sheds from different home building shops near you.

Durable layout

garden shed
Photo credit: Eric B. Walker via Flickr

Apart from finding a variety of good shed designs and kits that you can build on your own, you can also enjoy your home improvement project for a longer time. Durability of sheds, however, will greatly depend on their foundation. Ensure that you’ll be providing a sturdy foundation for your building. In connection, it’s also advisable to choose your location wisely. Avoid areas that typically receive run-off water or get muddied every time it rains. In case there is no other available space, ensure that you’ll be allotting some space between the shed and the ground. Make it a point to provide building provisions that can help you avoid shed and ground contact as much as possible. And of course, invest in an ideal ventilation to maximize natural light and air circulation.

Affordable prices

Solar Garden Shed
Photo credit: Jeremy Levine via Flickr

These small buildings are more affordable home improvement projects these days. Apart from starting from scratch, you can also invest in ready-made sheds that you can just install or build yourself. Make sure to search for trusted suppliers and compare prices as you go along so you can also get the most out of your budget.


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