Why I Love Home Improvement (And You Definitely Should, Too!)

Photo credit: Jef Safi via Flickr
Photo credit: Jef Safi via Flickr

Home improvements are always considered as wise investment for any homeowner. It is important to constantly keep our homes in top shape to be able to maintain their value and make them outlast their life span. Basic maintenance will also help you save hundreds of dollars that you may need for overhauling and general fixes needed for areas in your homes that are neglected.

Here are some of home of the things most homemakers love about home improvement.

  1. A lovely and relaxing place to stay at
winter retreat
Photo credit: Dru Bloomfield via Flickr

Home improvements make your place the best place to be and retire at after a tiring day at work or at school. Creating a place where you and your family will enjoy spending time at is the best gift you can give to your family.

  1. You’re increasing your home’s value
House/Property Inspection
Photo credit: Mark Moz via Flickr

Whether you decide to sell or to keep your home in the future, home improvement projects increases the value of your homes. A real estate’s value appreciates over time if the property is well-maintained. Home improvements can be seen as necessary, most especially with the costs that comes with it. However, not investing on your property, most especially in maintenance makes your property decrease in value.

  1. It keeps you sharp and creative
Photo credit: Jef Safi via Flickr
Photo credit: Jef Safi via Flickr

Doing home improvement projects keeps you updated with the latest trends in construction and design. Your creativity is enhanced and is continuously inspired by the latest innovations that home décor and improvement offers nowadays. You get to enjoy pursuing a passion or simply making your spare time creative and productive.

  1. It helps you save money
Photo credit: www.SeniorLiving.Org
Photo credit: http://www.SeniorLiving.Org

Keeping your homes up-to-date and well-maintained helps you save money in the long run. A well-kept house will save you a lot from unnecessary repairs and overhaul construction because they are maintained very well. As your homes become more efficient, you save a lot of money in the long run.

  1. It keeps your family safe

Home improvement projects eliminate the risks of accidents in your home. If your homes are kept tidy, free from litter and other clutter, you are promoting security and safety inside your homes.

There are a lot of things that you can enjoy with home improvement projects. Some recommended home improvements like upgrading your roof tiles or changing your windows and doors to energy-efficient ones prove to increase the value of your home in the long run. As a family, you also get the chance to thrive and enjoy staying in a sanctuary that helps you become the best you could ever be.

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home as Safe as Possible for Your Kids

baby on grass
Photo credit: Katerina Dudova via Flickr

When was the last time you had to go down on your knees and crawl around the house? My best guess would be the time your child lost his favorite toy. Meanwhile, your kids, especially the little ones, explore around the house on their knees (and probably crawling around the whole day). Kids are very curious and they can spend the whole day exploring the whole of your homes. Thus, it is very crucial to check everything out from their perspective to make sure that they are safe and far from accidents inside your home.

Childproof your home and make it the best and safest place your children can be at. Here are some of the tips you can follow.

  1. Keep choking hazards, toxic materials, and sharp items out of reach
Cleaning Product Organizer
Photo credit: Hey Paul Studios via Flickr

Clutter around your home is dangerous for your children. Always keep your chemicals stocked in a locked cabinet or securely kept away in the garage. You can store nails and other small tools in storage boxes and keep them tidy by covering them all together with a big piece of blanket. The attic is a great place to tuck away small things and toys that are usually kept cluttered and rarely used in the house. Sharp items can be kept in magnetized walls or stored inside kitchen cabinets. Just make sure that the cabinets are always kept closed or locked and away from your little one’s curious eyes.

  1. Use safety gates
stair gate
Photo credit: Carol Brazel via Flickr

Safety gates prevent your children from crawling around places where they shouldn’t be at. You can have it installed around the living room area so that your kids are just limited to this area of the house. It is also advisable to place this on their bedroom doors to prevent them from crawling discreetly, in case you fail to notice when they are awake and roaming around.

  1. Never leave young kids unattended while taking a bath
Photo credit: Andrew Seaman via Flickr

This rarely happens but for some reason, drowning is one of the fatal accidents that may happen to your kids inside your home. Before getting your kids inside the bathtub, be sure that everything that you will need during and after their bath are already prepared nearby. This will prevent you from having to “quickly” leave your kids unattended while submerged in soap and water. Better yet, always have someone to assist you when taking your kids for a bath for a more secured and safe bathing experience for you and your kids.

  1. Install smoke detectors
smoke detector
Photo credit: Bart via Flickr

Smoke detectors are not only for your kids but for the whole family’s safety. If you do DIY projects at home that involve fire, welding machines, and the likes, it would be better to have smoke detectors inside your homes. It would be ideal to place this on the kitchen and your garage area where most of your combustible chemicals and tools are located. A fire extinguisher securely placed in a strategic position in your home is also advisable.

  1. Keep curtain cords and wires tucked away
Window Blind Crab
Photo credit: Nick Cage via Flickr

Curtains are great accessories for your home. However, you should always keep your blinds and curtain cords away from your children’s reach to avoid strangulation incidents involving your kids. You can even go cordless to prevent this from happening. Why don’t you browse for curtains Melbourne? I highly recommend getting cordless window blinds to reduce the risks of strangulation involving window coverings.

Household injuries are one of the top reasons kids under age 3 visit the ER, and nearly 70% of the children who die from unintentional injuries at home are 4 years old and under. Avoid these horrible accidents and never compromise your child’s safety by keeping your homes clean, organized, and free from clutter.

Supervision is the best way to prevent injuries — in the home and out — but even the most watchful parents can’t keep kids completely out of harm’s way every second of the day. Thus, prevention remains to be the best option for families and homes out there.

Upgrade Your Home by Investing in an Outdoor Shed

fence project
Photo credit: rorowe8 via Flickr

With my posts all being about home design and home improvement, you’ve probably been thinking about doing your own home improvement projects as well. Apart from the usual repainting and changing the house’s interior design, another highly recommended home improvement project is building sheds. Sheds have a lot of benefits, and they can also be very useful for you if you have a vacant lot or unused space in your yard. Here in this post, we outline some of the known advantages you can get by investing in a shed-building project for your home.

Home office

Photo credit: thevancats-imagemaker via Flickr

If you work from home or you frequently need to finish your office tasks during the weekend, for example, having an office shed in your yard can serve as a good enough workspace. You can install different amenities you’ll need, such as electric plug outlets for your devices, a ventilation system, as well as a drink or snack station. Your workspace need not be too big – you just have to make sure you get the essentials, like an office table, chair, and a filing cabinet. Just decorate your home office as you prefer so you can make it as comfortable for you as much as possible. Install blockout rollers on your windows for maximized insulation during winter, or opt for outdoor awnings for your small office.

Storage space

storage shed
Photo credit: MSU IPF Facility Information via Flickr

Need for storage space is probably the most popular reason why many homeowners invest in shed homes. If you want to maximize storage space at home and keep your things orderly at the same time, you can build storage sheds right off your yard. A lot of shed types can serve as storage spaces – farm sheds, garage and carports, as well as garden sheds are popular examples of storage sheds. It’s also a great way to organize your equipment, tools, devices, seasonal gardening materials or personal stuff – basically a good option to minimize clutter at home.

Customizable designs

Yellow Shed in the Garden
Photo credit: Elizabeth Anderson via Flickr

You can create a shed any way you want, from its interior design and layout to its outer appearance. However, while you’re basically free to incorporate any design you want, it’s still advisable to at least choose a layout and look that can complement the design of your home and the surrounding neighborhood. Apart from building the shed on your own, you can also choose prefab kits and ready-to-install sheds from different home building shops near you.

Durable layout

garden shed
Photo credit: Eric B. Walker via Flickr

Apart from finding a variety of good shed designs and kits that you can build on your own, you can also enjoy your home improvement project for a longer time. Durability of sheds, however, will greatly depend on their foundation. Ensure that you’ll be providing a sturdy foundation for your building. In connection, it’s also advisable to choose your location wisely. Avoid areas that typically receive run-off water or get muddied every time it rains. In case there is no other available space, ensure that you’ll be allotting some space between the shed and the ground. Make it a point to provide building provisions that can help you avoid shed and ground contact as much as possible. And of course, invest in an ideal ventilation to maximize natural light and air circulation.

Affordable prices

Solar Garden Shed
Photo credit: Jeremy Levine via Flickr

These small buildings are more affordable home improvement projects these days. Apart from starting from scratch, you can also invest in ready-made sheds that you can just install or build yourself. Make sure to search for trusted suppliers and compare prices as you go along so you can also get the most out of your budget.

Spruce Up Your Living Room with These Essential Tips

blinds online
Photo credit: Blinds Online via Flickr

Adding dazzle and a new interesting look to your home, specifically your living room, may not be as hard as you think it is. You can instantly change and create a homey or interesting vibe for your living room with simple decorating tips.

The living room is considered as one of the most important areas in your home to invest in. Guests usually stay in this area when they visit you and your family. And as for the whole family, there’s also a lot of time spent in the living room, to just spend time together or be able to catch up with one’s daily activities. You can make your friends and families adore your newly redecorated living room with these helpful tips.

  1. Unique Wall Art
wall art
Photo credit: coco+kelley via Flickr

Interesting wall art, not necessarily the expensive ones, can bring a different kind of vibe into your home. It can be an abstract painting or a realistic one. The more unique the wall art is, the more likely that it will be a conversation starter in your living room. You can also opt for brightly colored wall art to brighten up your living room.

  1. Little Unique Details
living room
Photo credit: Ani-Bee via Flickr

A leather pillow, teapots, or books stacked creatively on your living room center table, will bring a chic and cozy atmosphere into your room. You can also opt for a unique centerpiece or table runner if you have kids who may pick little trinkets lying around your living room area.

  1. Seating options
living room
Photo credit: Wally Gobetz via Flickr

The couch is a common feature inside your living room. For more creative seating options, you can also include a hammock, several ottomans, or bean bags in your living room. Think of comfort over style and you’ll be surprised to see your living room becoming the most favorite space inside your home.

  1. Mirrors
Living Room with Modern Regency Style
Photo credit: PoshSurfside.com via Flickr

Mirrors will make rooms bigger and brighter. You can hang it on the wall or have a full body mirror beside your door. Everyone can have a last check of their OOTD before leaving the house, thanks to your genius additional furniture.

  1. Plants
Living room with sun
Photo credit: Robbie Sproule via Flickr

Keep the flower vases in the kitchen and opt for green living plants in your living room. Place it beside a window or near your television screen for that eco-friendly feel inside your living area.

  1. Awnings
Photo credit: ntm1909 via Flickr

Outdoor window awnings can also do the trick to change the look of your living room. You can check outdoor window awnings via Blinds Online to get more ideas on how to decorate these fixtures in your homes. Add a splash of color by choosing bright colors or natural tones for your window awnings.

  1. Detailed lighting
Photo credit: Blinds Online via Flickr

You can add a few pin button lights to make your living room brighter if your budget permits it. If not, you can also opt to use side table lamps with interesting prints. A tall side lamp would also look great in the living room and is a wise option if you do not have kids around.

  1. Bookshelves
living room bookshelves
Photo credit: Tom Borowski via Flickr

You can place a little bookshelf at your living room wall where you can stack coffee table books your guests and families can look at from time to time. You can even have your family pictures placed in this space instead of books if you feel like doing so.

These ideas are great and noticeable changes that you can incorporate in your living rooms. The good thing about these options is that they’re budget friendly as well, so you have everything to gain and practically nothing to lose with these home improvement ideas.

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