Popular Blind Options for Your Home Windows

I’m going to dispel the notion that installing window blinds a pinch, but difficult to maintain. Well, okay, blinds are a pain in the back to clean, but only if you live in areas where tumbleweeds are common fixtures on the street. That being said, window blinds are as useful in your home as these are in offices, or hotels.

There’s a variety of blinds types to choose from, if venetian blinds won’t compliment your interior décor. I’ll suggest a handful here, but there are actually more options here, do check it out after.

Window blinds are primarily used to control the amount of light into rooms. If this is your first reason for installing blinds in your windows, then you can’t go wrong with venetian blinds. These are easy to install and tweak, and is recommended for windows with large glass panes. I would still recommend venetian blinds on open windows, but you’ll have your work cut out for you cleaning all those slats, on a daily basis.

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Window blinds are made from different materials, for insulation and comfort, and for privacy. The keen thing about blinds is you can quickly ensure privacy, without much fuss. I also must insist window blinds on those modern glass houses, as alternative to bulky drapes and curtains.

Roman shades are slight variations to venetian blinds, with wider slats. These are great compliments to your interior design, especially if you use materials that match (vinyl or wood). I prefer Roman shades for my home if I’m going for a rustic, bed-and-breakfast ambiance, but that’s a planned renovation for quite some time now: I’ll let you in on its progress, if I find the time and moneys to spend on it.

You’ll need vertical blinds for floor-to-ceiling windows, the kind the French are very fond of. Of course, you can still use venetian blinds, but these don’t really work in a roomful of windows; you’ll just have to take my word for it. All things considered, blinds designs are secondary to function, so you should really consider a handful of features before you decide on the design.

vertical blinds
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It depends on where you’re going to install your window blinds. The function will also vary; blinds installed on bathrooms are for privacy; for comfort and visibility in dining rooms and reading rooms. Window blinds can also maintain indoor temperature.

Go for wider slats if you want to create a sense of bigger space, up to 2 1/2 inches wider than the usual venetian slat. For rooms with sweeping vistas of the outdoors (or of the street), vertical blinds are ideal, especially for glass sliding doors.

One pesky prerequisite to choosing window blinds involves measurement, but it must be done or else you’ll deal with slats too long or too short. It’s fortunate you’ll find quick and easy tips in measurement, from window blinds suppliers nonetheless.

I might argue choosing window blinds Melbourne is as daunting as deciding on a new color for your walls, but there’s the advantage of having options in colors and designs you can mix and match, with ease and without regrets.

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I’m One Of The Sharpest Tools In The Shed, Pun Intended

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I can say I’m a great homemaker, and I have the reputation to back it up. I’m no Martha Stewart, but those who attend my occasional barbecue weekends will confirm I can hold my own when it comes to household DIY. I don’t know about you, but I’m pressed to think of names when it comes to listing women I know who’s idea of a great afternoon involves a tool box and house repairs.

But that’s just me. I’m Stacey by the way. My name sounds like I belonged to a college pep squad, but I’m leaving the mystery of that for you to figure out. Right now, one of my many proud achievements is my skills around a tool shed, which I know is of great interest-on for many men (at least those I know). I also cook a mean casserole, so I’m as good a catch as they come.

So here’s the rub. I created this blog — Your Home Style Guide — as an outlet for my many DIY pursuits. It’s proven I’ve ruffled some feathers in the hen house, whenever I talk shop in a circle of homemakers. I’ve kept my silence in too many occasions, so here’s safe respite for women (and men) who want to up their DIY chops, without the need to prove or downplay their worth. You are accepted and loved in here.

There are plenty of tips to go around, and I’m learning the ropes as I go along. I remember the time when I didn’t know the difference between white and eggshell white (there is?!), but I’m wiser now, enough to know you absolutely shouldn’t wing it when it comes to Do-It-Yourself home improvement. It’s like “That 70’s Show” episode (“Battle of the Sexists”) where Red Forman tried to fix a wobbly table by sawing off the longer legs, on the spot.

Of course, there’s always a quick fix to everything, though I doubt those I’ve tried had lasting results. It’s like slipping a sugar packet underneath a short leg table to fix the wobble: it fixes the problem, but it’s bad taste in interior décor.

So there it is: I hope my entries here improve your home improvement exploits. More important, I hope you’ll pitch in your tips to improve on what’s available. This isn’t really your last authority in home improvement; that’s what Sears and Target reps are for. This blog is for those who can’t find their way in the home improvement section of the warehouse but are too embarrassed (or proud) to admit it.

I hope you enjoy all of my two cents’ worth of tips here, and please fill in the gaps if I miss out on anything. It’s likely I’ll attract the ire of manly men with this blog, but you guys out there should be glad the flag of gender equality flies high in my tool shed.

And as a last note…

visitors welcome
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Just kidding! Just had a good laugh coz of this sign 😉